After a well-earned point at Pompey, I’m confident that if we’re able to put a strong team out, we’re more than capable of doing them.

I’m envisaging a night like the Blackburn match last year (minus the crowd and the queues) where we really take the game to them.

Typically, I shan’t get carried away by a win – I best say that now, I’m not overly concerned about a cup run this year. Yes, it’s great for exposure and money-wise, but all I’m bothered about is achieving some sort of consistency in the league. Last year it turned out to be our downfall because we put too much focus on the big cup game.

That said, it was also the catalyst and really got us playing (for a month, at least) so if we win it best bloody have the same effect again. I’d be delighted.


Best and Westwood playing..

was good by the way.

They’re our players. All realism aside, It’d be nice to think that was a statement of intent from Coleman. For once, I’d like to see signs of him telling any prospective buyers to sod off if they think we’re going to do them any favours. They’ll probably get them dirt cheap anyway.

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