[tabby title=”Ramble”] Another week of bullshit, with the only decent thing being the football in the middle of it.

The game on Tuesday came at the exact moment I was actively questioning the future of our club. I still am, I have grave concerns, but for 90 minutes I was able to recognise the true value of what Coventry City means to me. It was an attractive, technically daring, vibrant display, brimming with the style of football that always leaves me cooing, infused with a swarm of self-assured local talent. Marvellous.

Of course I got home afterwards and remembered that a London Rugby club now owns the stadium that was built for Coventry City and lost my rag a bit. I’ve read the arguments. But it’s hard for me to feel positive about that and the ramifications it brings for us, Wasps fans and Cov Rugby Club.

But the football. I feel like I can get on board with it. It’s been a rough month with some poor performances – but there are enough signs, occurring frequently enough, that I believe this team can be capable of more than their league position currently shows.

The closest we came to achievement in recent years was when we lost our nerve and made a right pigsear of the JPT Northern Area final against Crewe. We have a performance to build on from the other night – I’m hopeful we won’t lose our nerve against them again.

How are they getting on?

Bottom of the league, with the worst goal difference and an almighty struggle on their hands if they’re going to remedy this rotten start to the season.

Their recent league form does not make for pleasant observation (for their fans at least). Eleven games in and they’ve lost nine, four of those coming in the last four games, with a seemingly endless stream of goals conceded. They’re not in a good place, mates.

Who could cause us trouble?

Our JPT nemesis Brad Inman is supposedly getting another chance to rediscover his best form following a crisis of confidence which saw him dropped from the team at the back end of August. But as far as confidence goes, the same could be said for the entire team. That’s the thing when you multiple lose games in a row; the things that have gone wrong eat away at your self-belief – impacting on every decision you make, from the big to the minute.

With Crewe, they have some useful players – Brandy, new signing Haber (who’s actually out on Canadian international duty) and Grant are noteworthy, but place good players within the toxic dynamic of a losing streak, and you very often won’t see what you expect. I know we’re on our own run, but you have to do all you can to stifle players in bad form, don’t give them an opportunity to enjoy the match.

Sky Blues team news

After serving his suspension big Reda is now injured, which is a bloody nuisance. Saying that, from a defensive standpoint I don’t really have any issues with our current choices – but what I do know is that Reda makes us better so we’ll continue to miss him.

Also missing for us up front is Nouble. His replacement McQuoid is in good goalscoring form, but that doesn’t necessarily transfer into performances. They’re very different players, and Nouble has enough standout attributes to make things happen even when he’s not scoring – McQuoid is less noticeable, but if he continues with the goals, you have to accept that he’s doing his job for the team.

The introduction of the young players during the week was truly refreshing, but they have a big youth team game this morning meaning that will probably be on their agenda. I’d fancy Finch to make the trip with the squad however.

The big call for Pressley will again be on the wings with Haynes and Phillips currently engaged in a battle for primacy with Pugh and Clarke. Form would suggest the younger pairing will get the nod – Phillips in particular after the week he’s had – but Pressley being Pressley has shown he’s happy to switch things up at a moment’s notice if the mood nudges him that way.

We can also expect the reintroduction of Allsop in goal after Burge’s somewhat excitable appearance during the week. In goalkeeping terms they’re both babies, and both have lots to learn. I’d prefer someone entirely different if I’m being truthful, but right now Allsop feels further along in his development.

The only other mention should be for Coulibaly who has made a few people take notice this week. With our current formation pretty set at 3-5-2, my optimum midfield comprises Fleck, Thomas and O’Brien. Our choices have been fairly limited whenever any of those have been absent, but Coulibaly has emerged as an alternative candidate for a start. I’d probably hold off on that for the time-being, but have him primed for an introduction on the hour if needed.


Based solely on how many goals Crewe have been conceding lately, some of the Lamptey boys went deliberately crazy with their expectations. Don’t get your knickers in a twist about it.

Seriously though, I fancy a continuation of our strong showing during the week, and a dominant display as we attempt to get our season back on track.

Joey: Crewe 1 – 2 Coventry

Neil: Crewe 0 – 4 Coventry

Paul: Crewe 0 – 6 Coventry

So, what you thinking? Share your prediction below:

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This week: The stadium that was built for Coventry City Football Club has for the most part been sold to a London Rugby Club, instantly usurping our city’s own valued Rugby club, while permanently redefining the heart of Wasps for their fanbase and its London core.

As supporters of a club that still has the spectre of permanent relocation looming over it, the Niis sympathise hugely.

Contains everything you would expect from a podcast following the sale of your home stadium to a London Rugby team.

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