The capricious nature of Coventry City continues. I’m not saying I’m expecting things to suddenly become relentlessly great, heaven forbid. But it’d be nice if we could sustain a period of relative prosperity. The incomprehensible performance of the team is one thing, but the added frustration comes when you can’t take your eye off what’s going on behind the scenes for a second without your stadium being sold to a London Rugby Club.

The Ricoh Arena is the home for Coventry City Football Club and always should be. What’s most galling after having the stadium sold behind our backs, is that our offer to own a portion of the ground and finally acquire some sort of long-term asset has been rejected, for reasons unknown.

Sisu are our owners, and they’ve shown themselves to be very bad owners, but they are not Coventry City. This wasn’t about buying the stadium for Sisu – this was about binding the football club and the stadium together again and securing some way forward. Sharing ownership of the stadium with Wasps would not have been ideal, but to actively push for them to own the thing ahead of your own City’s club? I can’t accept that. It’s despicable.

And I’m sorry if that viewpoint doesn’t take into account the various financial benefits becoming a soulless franchise sporting City can offer, but I’m just an idiot fan who only deals in fundamentals. Like the future of Coventry City Football Club (not Sisu) taking priority over any incoming Rugby club wishing to hijack a stadium that was built for the fans of Coventry City Football Club.

Someone tell me how you’re supposed to enjoy football with such a spectre of uncertainty continuing to loom over the club?

We’re obliged to try I guess. After a solid victory during the week to initiate the restoration of pride post-Worcester, we now welcome Notts County to the home of Coventry City.

How are they getting on?

Play off chasing Notts County have just had their first league defeat in God knows how many games. They were fresh off five consecutive wins before that, and I suspect you have to go back a decade or more for the last time we managed anything quite so decent.

Manager Shaun Derry was a strong, solid and controlled footballer, and the hallmarks of his player career appear to be rubbing off on his team. They’ve only lost three so far this season, and even with their previous defeat to Walsall fresh in the mind, they should still be visiting the Ricoh Arena confident of returning to winning ways.

Most of us will remember the trip to Notts County last season as it was close to being our most impotent performance of the season. That game almost felt like a turning point for County – their form since then has been far more impressive than what occurred before it. They finished the season with nine additional victories, compared to our misely three.

Who could cause us trouble?

Weirdly for a League One side, County have been affected far more heavily by the international break than anyone else. There were suggestions that the game might be postponed, with Roy Carroll, defender Mustapha Dumbuya and former Sky Blues loanee Michael Petrasso all on international duty, but that’s not been allowed and the result is we face up to a slightly weakened County team.

They’ve not been full of goals this season, with rock-solid defence underpinning their performances. Goal-wise they have Garry Thompson leading the way with 5, with Zeli Ismail and Jake Cassidy not far behind on 4 and 3 respectively. Liam Noble is the name that stands out from their line up though, with the former Sunderland youngster showing great promise in some of the earlier games I watched him in.

A nod also goes to everyone’s favourite left-back Blair Adams who has made a good start to his County career. He’s also managed to grab a goal. Clearly I’ll be outraged if he scores against us today, though.

Sky Blues team news

A mid-week victory went some way to soothing the embarrassment of the FA Cup, but the real test comes today. We need to start winning in the league – no questions asked. That needs to start happening, regardless of how it happens.

The guesswork about who Pressley is looking to get rid of will continue, and his team selection and bench today will no doubt fuel some of that conjecture. One player who many felt may have been primed for the chop was Frank Nouble, but following his game-changing introduction against Plymouth you’ll expect him to start. He is a vital player for us.

I can’t imagine Pressley adjusting things too much from midweek, as the application from the players was far more akin to what he outlined in his rant beforehand. There’s still much improvement to be seen, but a defence flanked by Phillips and Haynes certainly felt more balanced, while John Fleck has shown he is capable of performing well on that left hand side.

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With all the awards hoopla this week there’s not been a Lamptey show unfortunately, so you’re left with my thoughts on things. It won’t be neat and tidy, but with a barrel load of elbow grease I fancy us to snatch it. Let’s say 1-0 for the sake of being cautious.

So, what you thinking? Share your prediction below:

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