[tabby title=”Ramble”] Got your Gillingham tickets yet? What am I saying – of course you haven’t!

It’s all gone a bit mental hasn’t it. The old me would immediately point the finger at the processes slowing everything down, but let’s face it – you’ve got a whole bunch of people buying season tickets as well as those just wanting to be there for Gillingham. There’s going to be delays with such a flurry, but we’ll get there in the end. It’ll be alright.

Fortunately I was able to sort out my renewal the other night so at least I’m done which has worked out nicely. Having to return to those little booklets feels a bit primitive though.

With a big weekend of sales to come we’re well on the way to a stonking 20k+ attendance. It appears 8000 sales on the first day has left some people a little underwhelmed, but that’s one day of sales amongst all the admin you get with season tickets. It’s hardly surprising that things are getting a bit clogged up. With a clean run online over the weekend I’m predicting between 17k and 20k sold by Monday.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves though. That’s all to come next Friday – we still have some footballing momentum to create beforehand at the County Ground, home to the notoriously tricky Swindon lot.

Yep, I’ve said it again.

How are they getting on?

They’re currently on seven points from four games alongside almost a third of the league. These early season tables are largely meaningless, so you’ll need to dig into their results a little further to get a better idea of what we’re up against.

They lost at home to Brighton in the League Cup on Tuesday, but in the league they’re actually fresh from a win against bottom club Crewe and an away draw at Gillingham, a game which also saw boss Mark Cooper piss off counterpart Peter Taylor for celebrating a goal a little robustly. Heaven forbid.

By my reckoning that’s two league games unbeaten. Their two league games unbeaten plays our three. If you’re into patterns like that, now’s your cue to proclaim that we’re the better team.

Who could cause us trouble?

Big man Michael Smith clearly catches the eye as he sits pretty at the top of the Swindon charts with four goals in his first six games. Naturally we have to reduce some of the kudos because two of those come in the league cup against Luton – unfair, but that’s just how we do it round here. Either way, he’s a threat.

They’ve just taken former Brentford midfielder Jake Reeves under their wing after he left Griffin Park, but it feels unlikely that he’ll play seeing as he’s not had too much game time just lately.

Yaser Kasim also has a couple of goals this year in what’s been a decent start for him.

To be honest they’ve got a surprisingly unrecognisable squad in comparison to previous seasons. But seeing as they’ve been reliable foes of ours in recent years, I’m suitably concerned.

Sky Blues team news

Danny Pugh is close to a return, but Haynes has performed nicely enough in his place so it’ll be a harsh call to drop him. Pressley don’t give no shits though – he’ll always make the decisions as they present themselves.

Jordan Clarke has been struggling with a virus this week so he’ll probably miss out with Aaron Phillips the likely replacement rather than any sort of system change. Pressley dropped in some words of encouragement for Phillips in his pre-match conference which makes me think he’s prepping him for a start. That should please plenty of fans who see the young full-back as the preferred option on the right.

Given just how poorly the attackers played at the weekend, places are really up for grabs. Simeon Jackson is still working on his fitness so I can’t see him starting – it’ll be Tudgay +1 I would assume.


Joey and I hate Swindon away. It’s always raining, with miniature corridors and minimal space to move.

We’ve taken the lead in our last two visits only to leave disappointed and I have a feeling we might end up with a similar result this time out. Just because I think Swindon’s a tough place to go, not because I think we’re utterly rubbish or anything.

Neil: Swindon 1 – 0 Coventry

Joey: Swindon 2 – 1 Coventry

Paul: Swindon 0 – 0 Coventry

So, what you thinking? Share your prediction below:

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