Before the Sheffield Utd game, this chap from was on the wander, pestering people to give their predictions for the Leeds match. This threw me a little, given we’d not even started the match we were at, but I didn’t let this stop me getting involved.

My contribution (influenced heavily by the Ladbrokes board 10 feet from me) was as followed:

“Err, 2 – 0, Coventry, err, Jutkiewicz first goal”.

Then, out of nowhere, I was asked if England will succeed in their World Cup 2018 bid. My well-considered response/noise was:


Brilliant. I won’t expect a call from Parky just yet.

Luckily, only those with Sky Blues Player can see it in all its glory. For the rest of us, we’ll have to make do with this little snippet.

City fans on Leeds clash 


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