Word on the Twitter streets this evening is that Gary Gardner has made an earlier than expected return to Villa. 

Most Coventry City rumours on Twitter arise from Stuart Linnell misinterpreting a joke as fact and claiming to have heard it from an inside source. This one came from Birmingham Mail’s Aston Villa reporter Mat Kendrick though, so the worrying thing there is that he’s far more bloody reliable.

Really bad news for us if he has disappeared. With Sammy out for a while longer, Gary was maintaining a real assurance in the middle of the park. Admittedly, we were being forced to utilise him in a slightly different way to how we would have if Clingan was around, but having him in the team is far better than not. Bloody hell fire.

There’s a frantic scramble of people trying to find out from ‘Gards’ himself whether this is true, but I suspect he’s playing on his Playstation or something.

Here’s hoping it’s Kenneth playing a final prank on us all before he leaves. It doesn’t sound good though.

Additional: 01:09 – 21/12/11

Coventrycity-mad have now suggested that Gardner was always due to return this week, as he was on a 28-day loan.

This confuses things slightly, as the official Aston Villa website announced that it would be until January 3rd 2012

Let’s see what the morning brings.


  1. Andy Thorn said a week ago that he couldn’t be recalled?? now he’s gone, what the hell is going on, it’s a complete farce!!

  2. Yep. There's rarely a clear message. If I may take a stab at what I think has happened, based on everything that's been said: From the looks of things, we agreed a loan until January 5th, but he couldn't be recalled within 28 days (if they wanted to be able to loan him out again later). Now, he's either been recalled early, so they've waived the right to loan him out again.. or they've realised that 28 days is up before the game at the weekend, so have physically brought him back, although technically won't invoke the recall until then (the end of the 28 day period). I think the idea that he was always going to return this week however, isn't correct. We had him signed up for longer than 28 days. Thorn has mentioned a few times him playing in the games over the busy Christmas period.

  3. Your probably right, its a complex business loaning players nowadays. There might be some positive news on the Takeover soon and then we can buy our own players. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

  4. Here's hoping! Doesn't make it any less frustrating that he's gone just as we enter the busiest period of the season. Symptomatic of our luck this year.

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