I know, I know. Congratulations to me for not only coming up with the best pun this side of “Wake Up Little Sisu”, but for also blowing my load with a blog and crude photoshop on the opening day of the season. I’m going to regret it when he scores a hat-trick next week.

What about this Réda Johnson though??

I don’t want to seem too flippant about the result – losing in that manner is a wounder in any money – but there’s so much of the season to go it’s probably not worth getting too overwrought about it. Two goals on a debut however is certainly nod-worthy. Before yesterday only seven players had managed it before in a City shirt, so it’s a pretty rare event.

That’s not all though. Don’t tell Kriss Akabusi, but Réda Johnson is already a Sky Blues record breaker ladies and gents. It’s nothing too exciting, but Bradford was also the first time a Sky Blues defender has scored a brace on his debut, if you can believe that stat even exists.

Based mainly on some hard work done by club historian Jim Brown last season when Chris Maguire sent us bandy with his debut double at MK Dons, the list of players who have scored a brace on their City bow goes like this:

1928: Tommy Bowen v Norwich (h) 2
1954: Jack Lee v Crystal Palace (h) 2
1963: George Hudson v Halifax (h) 3
1992: Mick Quinn v Man City. (h) 2
1999: Robbie Keane v Derby County (h) 2
2013: Chris Maguire v MK Dons (a) 2


2014: Réda Johnson v Bradford (a) 2

Information on Tommy Bowen and Jack Lee may be sparse, but their positions are documented reasonably well online, and even with my tame knowledge of ambiguous olden days formations it’d be hard to claim either of those to be a defender.

So the crown’s all yours Réda. Marvellous effort with all the goals, there.

I get the feeling we’re going to need them.



  1. couldnt agree more with all 27 listed above what about being second best in most of our games this season its not good enough we as fans deserve more.

  2. Keep the faith, if we sack Pressley will be taking ten steps back. In the whole time he has been here he not only kept us in league one where i guarantee many would have failed he has also had to content with no money, seriously reducing the wage bill, moving stadium, having his best players sold.

    This is his first truly bad run and if we don’t support him and his vision through the bad times then we might as well be hypocritical Manchester United supporters.

    Keep the faith, if we go down maybe we will finally learn to not sell and release our best players ie wilson, baked, murphy, moussa,


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