Well, that’ll just about do it. As you can imagine, I’ve spent the last couple of days moping around the place having a bloody good squawk, whilst tending to all the cats that have been kicked across the City since Tuesday night.

Losing to Millwall has sent us packing to League One – we’re all pretty clear on that now. Yes, a win on Saturday and Bristol dropping points would keep a glimmer of hope, but those who were there to see the other night will know that the players look spent. Cody was clearly struggling, Carl Baker has been hauled back far too early (by necessity) and Clive’s a game away from a zimmer. There was no spark on the pitch or from the bench, and that lack of energy soon transferred to the crowd.

But I’ve got all summer to talk about that. And I intend to do a full post-mortem once all’s said and done next weekend.

What I really wanted to do is try and cheer you all up a little by drawing your attention to the talents of our very own Richard Keogh.

Now, we all know that relatively speaking, he’s been an absolute hero this season. Whether it’s manic blocking or elaborate diving, the man’s chucked it about like a lunatic for our cause.

Turns out, he’s also a bit of a card. He’s been having a chat to Fenners for Car-eoke on the Texaco FC Facebook page, and while proving himself to be right cheeky so-n-so, he also finds time to blast out a few tunes.

Despicably bad, sure, but effing brilliant in equal measure. Do have a look.

I also hear there are videos with McSheffrey and Thorn coming soon. Lord only knows if they’ll sing, although rumour has it Gary impressed with a moving rendition of Aerosmith’s “I don’t wanna miss a thing”, while Andy stunned everyone with his devilishly sumptuous performance of a certain Etta James classic.

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  1. I assume you’re joking about the other two videos?! Thorn.. singing.. I can barely handle it when he talks. GOD HELP US!

  2. I think/hope I was joking, but I haven’t seen the videos yet. Could be dressed as Lady Gaga for all I know!

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