Yes, Mr Sky Sports commentator (whose name eludes me), we heard you the first time. We’re ever so impressed that you know such a posh sentence..

now zip it, por favor. Fanks.

Anyway, 19 games into the season and we’re already in a relegation battle. Not exactly what I had in mind when I demanded consistency back in August.

Once again, we were shown up in front of the TV cameras as a weak, gutless and technically deficient football team. Is there no respite?

It was shocking. You shouldn’t have to cringe yourself through an entire half, as I did while we struggled to string together more than 2 passes in the opening 51 minutes. That’s no way to have to watch your team.

I’m still struggling to come to terms with that first half display even now. A group of professionals, all paid thousands of pound a week, showed genuine distress when trying to pass the football accurately. Sean Flynn would be turning in his caravan watching it.

There’s not much you can say about the game that hasn’t already been covered in these blogs (extensively) before. The central defensive pairing gave a near-perfect example of “video nasty” defending. Poor decision making, sloppy touches and Fifa 95 positioning.

The central midfielders were, as per usual, anonymous. Jack Cork buzzed around like a prat, but was swatted away in equal measure. It’s like watching a child play the game. While Aron again realised he was on TV and did a brilliant job of getting his name mentioned loads. Mainly due to his decision to start throwing the ball like a hobnob.

And up front, Morrison continued to act like a cartoon character. Exaggerating everything, and twisting his face into shapes even Morph would be proud of. Football wise, he was thoroughly rotten.

The only players to come out of the game with any credit were Cranie and Eastwood. Not that they were anything special, but all you can say is that they did their jobs.. ish.


Post match, and Coleman’s response to the defeat was thus.

we have players who were too selfish at times and you don’t win anything as a team when that happens.

Quite clearly a reference to our top scorer and best player, Leon Best. Yes, he should have passed.  But that wasn’t the reason we lost. And if it weren’t for his goals, we’d be bottom of the Championship now. Quite what he thinks he’s going to achieve by singling out our best player for public criticism, I don’t know.

I honestly believe we have a squad that is good enough to be sitting in the middle of the table in the Championship.

When Coleman arrived at the club, if he’d said “by my 3rd season I think we will be a middle of the table team, at best” would you have taken that as acceptable ambition of an incoming manager?

No. All I ever read is him trying to defer judgement and curb expectation. Where’s the motivation there? I’m getting fed up with the lame targets he keeps attributing to us. Fact of the matter is, we’ve had years of nothingness, and we’re desperate for a team to be proud of. A team that can give us hope they’re capable of achieving something.

There are still many fans who think he’s doing a good job, and believe that no other manager will be able to any more with the players we’ve got. Fine, we can keep waiting and waiting for him to turn the corner, but as far as I can see, all the signs are that he’s not pushing the players to achieve (case in point, The Chronicles of Clinton Morrison).

But we are where we are. It’s no good just producing performances two or three times out of every six or seven games. We have got to put together a consistent run of form.

Yes, although I don’t know what two or three times out of six or seven games he’s thinking of. All I can see is we haven’t won in 9 games, and have only won 5 times in the last 33. That is by anyone’s standards, an absolute effing disgrace.


I am actually a very patient person. I will try to see where the positives are and as far as possible give the benefit of the doubt. But at this moment in time, there is no denying that Coleman’s performance as manager of our football club has not been good enough.

He’s made things very hard for himself now. He’s either got to come up with a solution to our problems very fast, or else it’ll be a lean Christmas in the Welsh dragon’s household this year. This is not unwarranted – you can’t justified a record like ours for much longer.

You just can’t.


P.S. You may notice that there was bugger all written up about the QPR match. In short, I had no real opinion on the game. We still hadn’t won, but it seems draws are just as good lately, and I’d only look like a right moaning mick if I’d dared to look at the bigger picture after that. So I left it.

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