The Sky Blues Blog fantasy football league recruitment special

Tada. Let’s all welcome back the only thing that makes the Premier League in any way meaningful to a Coventry City fan nowadays – free fantasy football with the Official Premier League Football game.

One day we’ll be back ourselves and will all have great fun choosing a Coventry City keeper for dirt cheap to fill that final place on the bench. But while we’re waiting for that to happen, you can just join in with me and your fellow Sky Blues Blog readers in the 2014/15 SkyBluesBlog league.

To join…

Already have a team?

Just use the link below and log in to automatically join the Sky Blues Blog league:

> Automatically join the SkyBluesBlog fantasy football league

or head over to in your own time and use this code: 827112-200488

Not yet created a team?

Head over to, set up your team, then use the code 827112-200488 to join the Sky Blues Blog league.

Nice one.

For the victor…

I apologise that last year’s winner didn’t get much more than a cursory glance. Unfortunately my optimism that we’d return to the Ricoh was ill-founded, and being the principled (tight) man I am, my refusal to pay any money on merchandise until we’re back home continues. That reduced Cyrus Christie lunchbox will just have to wait.

Fingers crossed for this year though – and good luck. The winner will get something far better than fresh air, honest.

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