What’s that, an exclamation mark? In the title of a post? This better be important..

Well, it’s not I’m afraid. Sorry if you’ve been falsely wooed by that unneccessary display of excitement.

Some of you will have noticed that the Sky Blues Blog Twitter has been going for about a month now. Aside from two coy tweets early on, I’ve avoided shameful begging and employed the “Build it and they will come” philosophy as my preferred advertising technique.

Turns out, that doesn’t work. Not unless you’re famous, funny, or relentlessly mean. Now, I’m not famous, and while my mum thinks I’m a right card, she’d go bloody barmy if I started being a git on there just to get attention.

So here it is. This is me pushing my Twitter.

If you have any interest in the stuff I write here, and use Twitter, you can now follow my sensibly-timed ramblings on there. I still have my personal account (@neilallison), but I’d like to be able to use that to comment on all the other things that interest me – whether that’s web stuff, Arnold J Rimmer or my crusade to down that bastard Ben from Eastenders.

It’s generally just a good way of keeping up to date with the blog, if you fancy it.

The very warmest of regards.

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