Afternoon, pals.

Many who read the posts at the end of last season will know that I’ve been on a blogging hiatus over the summer while I move the site over to a new platform and render it super-attractive.

Being the one man waffling band I am, this takes time, and there’s only so many hours in the day (no matter how much I try to defy this). I am obviously very aware of any perceived lack of activity on the blog, so I just wanted to leave a note to update you on the work I’ve been doing, and assure you that I’m not sitting here twiddling my thumbs/being useless.

For those interested in these things, I’m moving to a self-hosted WordPress solution, and have done quite a bit of  re-working to fit my needs.

The move to WordPress has come about as my current blogging provider Posterous appears to be on the way out, following the acquisition by Twitter earlier in the year. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a terrific blogging platform that has served me well up to this point. But I have plans for this blog beyond the one-way soapbox, so it seemed the right time to move somewhere that’ll provide the perfect level of flexibility that I need.

It’s not going to change radically to start with; I’m just as passionate about independent opinion as I was the day I started. I do have some ideas for ways it can evolve and be of interest in a more interactive manner though.

Another reason for the move is the sheer volume of users that read my blog on mobile devices. If you’re on your phone at the moment, you’re currently experiencing Sky Blues Blog in its knickers, with everything stripped down, and not so much as a praying Bigi logo to appease you. The mobile version serves a useful purpose, but the idea of excluding important elements of the site to such a high proportion doesn’t sit comfortably with me.

To resolve this, I’m working towards a responsive design which will display appropriately on all browsers. It’s all rather fancy, but it strikes me as a nice, sustainable middle ground.

Clearly there’s no point in doing all this work without a commitment to producing regular and good quality articles and features. I’m already planning the first couple of week’s worth of jibber-jabber – August is notoriously manic, but I’m really looking forward to stepping things up a notch. The plan is to go live during the first week of the campaign.

You never know, this could be the year and I can finally stop whinging myself into an early grave.

Wouldn’t that be pleasant.

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