Whilst trawling through the eternal dross that is my Twitter feed (don’t take this personally if I follow you and you read this – it won’t be you I’m offending), I stumbled across a conversation taking place between a group of Coventry City fans, and a certain Leonard Brody – Canadian entrepeneur and newly appointed member of the Sky Blues’ board.

It was refreshing to see some genuine communication with fans coming from up high. I don’t feel this part of things has always been that great. They do try with the forums and things, but I can’t say I’m always too keen on the tone that comes across in these. For a start, Ray always seems to be in a foul mood.

This isn’t to say that I demand to know every detail of the club, from Roy O’Donovan’s appearance bonuses to Ray Ranson’s actual collar size. I do feel that regular messages from high up about the direction of the club and their views on how things are going would help develop some sort of connection between the two parties though. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the lack-of-investment argument, but I can still appreciate the frustration some fans have with the cloaked nature of SISU’s involvement, in particular.

So Leonard has been having a word with a few fans, and being the snoopy so and so I am, I thought I’d let you see what’s being said. Don’t get too excited; he’s not daft and is keeping everything he says nice and sensible, but I still found it interesting.

Just to note a couple of things:

1.     A couple of these might look a little odd out of context, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out what he was talking about.

2.     The smiley emoticons are all him.

3.     I can’t see this offending anyone, but if for whatever reason it does make you cross that I’ve relayed messages from Twitter on here without asking (God knows why) – don’t be. It’s all there for you to see, and Sky Sports News do it with Rio Ferdinand all the time and he bloody loves it.

So, things that have been said by Leonard Brody on Twitter over the last day or two:

“The Board is VERY supportive of Ray.”

In response to a query about the validity of his views, I’d imagine: “I know…cause I am one of them! 🙂 “

“And we are grateful that you have stuck by the club. We have some great stuff in store… stay tuned.”

“I think we also owe you better communication.. which is what I am trying to work on.”

Regarding the Conor Thomas sale: “Those are Ray’s decisions & we back him.”

“My plan is to be here talking to you as much as possible.”

“Actually hope to share a lot on Twitter.”

“Look, things take time in running a club. Especially one with historical issues. We are on it.”

Like I said, nothing ground-breaking, but nice to have that dialogue. Good on him.


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  1. Given all the hoopla around this, seems we won’t be hearing from Leonard Brody on Twitter any time soon.Shame if you ask me. I would have preferred the insight, but seems everyone else preferred to give him grief. That’ll learn him, I guess.

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