Sky Sports – Tough on Cookie

“In his spell in charge Coleman recouped more than £5million in transfer fees and spent just £650,000 bringing players to the club”.,19528,11710_6132696,00.html

I’ve read that sentence a few times now and really don’t understand what they base it on, or what they’re actually trying to say. They seem to be saying that he’s only spent £650,000 on players since he arrived. But at a quick count we spent money on the following players during his tenure:

  1. Gunnarsson
  2. Westwood
  3. Eastwood 
  4. Bell 
  5. McPake 
  6. Clingan
  7. McIndoe 
  8. Cranie 
  9. Wood 
  10. Baker
  11. Hussey 
  12. Deegan 

So, they mean one of the following:

1) They’re talking about additional expenditure on top of the £5 million he recouped.. which basically means the list of players above cost £5.65 Million in total. Blows the argument that Coleman didn’t receive any money out of the water, doesn’t it.

or 2) that those 12 players cost £650,000 in total, which is just plain mental.

If I’m acting like a horrendous boob and have missed something obvious, someone please pipe up and enlighten me.

As far as I can see, they’re just making stuff up.

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