Ah, the hashtag. Mostly misused, misunderstood and misspelled.

Nonetheless, this was really good. On Saturday morning (you know, back when we were all confident) the #skyblueconfessions hashtag emerged on Twitter and offered a little fun for Cov fans while we waited for the game to begin.

Turns out it was the best part of the day.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter, I thought I’d share a selection of best ones (starting with mine, obviously). Supporting City’s fast becoming a confession in itself, so if you’ve got any of your own to add, drop it into the comments below..

My first ever website was a campaign to get John Eustace into the England U21 squad, set up 3 days before he turned 22.

Slagging off CCFC to my new girlfriends family not realising her uncle sat with us was Mick Kearns

When we queued overnight for FA Cup final tickets at HR, we had a game in the pitch & went in the dugout which we broke.

Being told to fvck off by Terry Gibson after telling him he was driving wrong way up one way street near Sally Army

My mate Baz kicked David speedie in the shins for a bet whilst playing in a Sunday league semi final at Nuneaton boro

As a 7 yr old I injured Mick Coop playing 2 a side in the HR gym with him and his kid – he missed 2 games!

was ejected from Villa Park for “foul & abussive language” after leaping on the fence and telling Gary Shaw to F off.

After clearing snow from HR pitch to get the game on I told a car full of Sunderland fans that the game was off

I called John Gayle a few choice words down at Wycombe in the cup. He heard me. Shit meself. He was a big F^*ker.

I wagged school to go and meet Cyrille Regis opening a new electrical shop on Foleshill Road

I once sold Brian kilcline a fur coat with matching leg warmers

I wouldn’t stand and clap the team out last season,just sat with my arms crossed.Didnt love then anymore !!

When I was mascot, Carlton Palmer casually signed my autograph book whilst in his white y-fronts

I’ve shared a jacuzzi with Oggy (don’t ask)

the season we didn’t win away from home once was the season I managed every single away game league and cup. #1999/2000

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  1. For my A Level’s, I wrote a short play which included the characters Gordy McScott, Willo and Paul Welfer, in which a stubborn Scottish manager had to explain why he’d spent £12 million on a Tongan left back. Absolutely true. It only got a C!!

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