Well, given the huge kick in the balls we took on Tuesday against Millwall, only a fool’d think we’d be able to turn it around for Saturday’s visit of Southampton. It’s been a rotten couple of days since that defeat, contemplating how things are actually going to turn out for us this season if we carry on in the same vein for much longer.

At least, I assume most people felt pretty fed up too? I know I’ve had the right hump. As I’d hope have most of the team.

But fear not! We’re in the market for a loan player (singular). Two months after we were told this originally and we failed to get Danny Drinkwater, the news has broken again that the board are allowing Andy to bring one more body into the squad. Who’s a lucky boy, then?

Thorny’s job now is to somehow make sure that he doesn’t piss away this single loan with a Paul Trollope-like capture. He says he doesn’t want youngsters because we already have ’em. He wants experience, a winner and someone who will buy into what we’re all about…

Right you are.

We’ve already been offered a couple of players from Newcastle, if his not-so-cryptic comment about “a Premier League manager he used to play with” is anything to go by. If I may postulate, I can’t imagine there being any vaguely senior players they’d be willing to offer us (and who’d be willing to come) at this moment in time. I’d be inclined to think more along the lines of Shane Ferguson, that Vuckic lad or possibly even Nile Ranger.

But if Thorn sticks to the criteria he’s set himself, we’re not going to be particularly interested in any of those. Expect another couple of weeks before we hear any more, no doubt.

Anyway, in terms of a preview for Saturday’s match against The Saints, I’d like to ask you to divert your attention to The Two Unfortunates website, where they’ve done a ridiculously accurate overview of things so far, and what might occur at the weekend. It doesn’t make for the most optimistic of reading as you can imagine, but can’t complain – I’d only write the same thing if I did it myself.

The Thursday Preview: Coventry Vs Southampton

In other news

Having said all of this, November is the month of Clive, so everything’s going to be alright after all. Brilliant.



  1. Blimey,thank god we were not bought out by SISU a few years back.i wish you the best of luck but obviously after you lose tomorrow to the might red and white steam train that is Southampton FC.

  2. Lucky escape. They just don’t ‘get’ football as far as I can see.If all our players play the way they should, we’d give you a game. Confidence is so low at the moment it looks unlikely though.

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