Make sure they come in a fancy case to emphasise their importance.

Done. We’re well on the way.


  1. As a fan who has been a season ticket holder every season since 1963 and service record back to my first game in early 1952. Plus I have lived in London since 1973 and have missed very few home games in that period – it is 200 miles round trip to every match.I have found the service I receive from the stadium company for my parking ticket to be totally abysmal. The fellow was never at his post and never rang me back once ! 0 out of 10 for customer satisfaction.At least theCCFC ticket office helped me out on that one but when i asked them where my season tickets weree ( I had paid in April) they told me as I had not paid for the £1.,50 postage I would have to pick them up at the Ricoh!Unbeliveable you may think but …….. totally par for the course

  2. We may have turned the corner. Iv braught 12 tickets for the price of 10.this helps me as i have a 450mile round trip and i bring family and mates. I can use as many tickets as i like for each game.i phoned the club last week no answer on any of there lines what a joke. Then aidy from ccfc called on 08448736344 a direct number lets hope he picks it up as i spend loads of money at the club.

  3. They still have their moments, let’s put it that way. I’ve been on the receiving end of some ridiculously shoddy customer service too (12 months waiting for a response to endless emails and equally as long to sort out my online account). Now, I’m sure they can’t be that busy.That said, I do think there are genuine attempts from the people in charge to make things easy for us. Pricing’s far simpler, and fairer now, and if you use the online store, it’s improved beyond belief.It’s the human interaction where they often fall below expectation – need to spend some time addressing that, I’d say.Ta for your comments.

  4. Here we go. With about six weeks to go to the new season we have people moaning about season ticket delivery. Well, when I ordered mine way back in ApriI I was asked if I wanted to pay £1.50 to have it posted to me and, not needing to be Einstein to work out that it, even living locally, it would cost me that in petrol to pick it up, I agreed – needless to say, it duly arrived through the post last week and I consider that to be excellent service. For anyone living out of town it would have seemed a ‘no brainer’ to me to have it posted.Let’s give credit where credit’s due, the ticket office have done well this year as far as season tickets go.

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