A team who have only scored 11 goals at home all season, against a team set out by their manager to defend, defend, defend.

Only going to be one result wasn’t there.

Quite where the logic is in going all-out-defence against a team that find it notoriously difficult to score goals, only Christopher Coleman will know. Everyone seems well pleased with it though.

We’re now 17th by the way, but that seems to have gone unnoticed. It’s become the norm.

I also find it strange that our manager seems to think that one successful element of play has to be to the detriment of another. If we want to keep a clean sheet, we have to completely abandon any attacking tactics. After 60 mins he decided that our window for winning the game had gone, and shut up shop. I always thought it was the job of a manager to develop a team that is capable of both. It seems that ours has one aim, to hold on.

The more I write, the more I realise what I say will be unpopular. I can’t really do much about that. If I thought what I’m thinking was unfair, I’d keep it zipped. But I’m very clear in what I think it should be fair to expect from our football club and manager. Consistently negative tactics and a refusal to aim higher than 16th isn’t really anywhere close. I seem to say it in every post, but we’re still not progressing, so it seems to me that our approach is way off.

Looking at the bigger picture, we’re talking almost 23 years now without even a sniff of success, and we’re still being told that “we’re not ready”, “we have to be patient”, “we’re building”.

Stupid clichés all the time, guarding against defeat. Too easy.

I’m sure there must be a few people out there who find it worrying that our manager has such a low opinion of the team he’s created. Basically, you can tell that he thought the best we could achieve last night was a 0-0 draw.

What chance have you got!

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