And there you have it. Andy Thorn has left the building.

We’re left in a peculiar position of being unsurprised and surprised in equal measure. Here’s a manager who’d relegated us to League One, displayed a borderline despicable lack of attacking bottle, and similar lack of tactical awareness.

Yet the overwhelming emotion amongst many City fans is “the right decision, but why now?”.

It’s bafflingly strange timing. Why allow a man to take you down one season, then offer your support, give him the resource to bring in his own choice of players and backroom staff, then sack him three games into the new season? The start has been frustrating, but if you were going to get rid of him, the ideal point would always have been at the end of the previous season.

But we at Coventry City don’t deal in the ideal.

Ideal would have been Andy Thorn stepping up this season and putting a stamp of quality on his team. Three games in, and it’s all felt worryingly familiar. That leaves everyone in a very difficult position.

At this point in our rehabilitation, can we really afford to rely on blind faith alone? I liked Thorn as a person. He struck me as a passionate sort of guy, and while others mocked his personality and media skills, I found it genuine and well-meaning. I was prepared to offer him some time this season to demonstrate the improvement we all hoped he could bring if he was given some actual support. Unfortunately, being “unbeaten”, as is being widely focused on, masks the real story. Throwing a 2-0 lead away to a very ordinary Bury side was evidently the final straw.

We need success this season. The early signs are that the teams in League One are nowhere near the standard of the Championship, and if we had any professionalism or organisation about us, we would have 3 wins out of 3 by now.

Decisions now have to be made, and they have to be the right ones. Thorn earned the job last time around, but there was always an element of convenience about it. We can’t go for the convenient option this time around.

This feels like Bryan Gunn at Norwich all over again. They went out, picked a manager who was on the up, and we all know how that ended.

The season has only just started, there’s more than enough time to radically alter the trajectory of the club. The ‘Coventry’ way of playing down ambition and hoping things might change does not work – we need someone who can come in, defy the expectations and force this club (and its fans) beyond the realms of mediocrity. Whether many of you like it or not.


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