Good morning Vietnam.

You may already know (let’s face it – I haven’t shut up about it), but after four years, 400 posts, 200k views and 14 million swear words, this blog is on the cusp of receiving some recognition.

On 21 November I trek up to the National Football Museum in Manchester as nominee in The Best Football Club Blog category at the Football Blogging awards.

Voting closes on Sunday 17 November, so that’s 6 more days to have a ruddy good go at getting Sky Blues Blog over the line, and in turn, help Coventry City pick up their first bit of silverware this season. Kind of.

Your options for voting are below. You can use all three if you’re feeling generous.

Thank you so much for your support. I wouldn’t be pestering you if I didn’t think I had a good shot. With your help, we might just win this thing.


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Method one: Complete a Nomination form

This simplest way is to use the online form and select Sky Blues Blog in the Best Club Blog category. Go to the link below, enter your email address. They’ll send you a link to the form.

Vote for Sky Blues Blog using the nomination form external-link

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Method two: Complete a Facebook poll

If you’re on Facebook, visit the link below and you’ll go straight to a very short poll where you can choose Sky Blues Blog and submit your vote.

Vote for Sky Blues Blog using the Facebook poll external-link


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Method three: Post a tweet on Twitter

Loads of you are on Twitter too. You can vote for Sky Blues Blog by posting a single tweet. Click the link below to do this automatically, or copy the following into a tweet:

I am voting in @TheFBAs for 
@skybluesblog as the 
Best Football #Club Blog

Vote for Sky Blues Blog on Twitter external-link


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