Comrades, welcome. Please make yourself comfy, grab a hobnob, as I hope this will become your home for the foreseeable future (or at least while you read this article).

I’ve only gone and sorted this bloody blog out. After many weeks of solid perspiration, and promises that I was actually working hard, you are now looking at the fruits of my labour. Henmania, indeed.

While the changes to the site might look mainly cosmetic, I should point out that I’ve finally broken free from the Posterous shaped hole I so sensible dug myself into, and am now surfing the WordPress wave, feeling fully in control and jolly well pleased with myself.

The new responsive site design will fit your screen marvellously

Those of you clicking around on your mobile or smart phone will certainly notice the difference, and I’ve done a lot of work making the site as regularly sized as I can, for as many different devices as possible. I’ve applied a nice fluid layout, which we in the “biz” refer to as a responsive design. In short, this means that the site should now alter the way it looks depending on how you’re looking at it. So if you’re on your iPhone, it’ll render itself in a nice way, and this process upscales as you move up the devices. Things ought to fit neatly on your iPad, your netbook, right up to your full-blown desktop.

You may see it as over-kill for me to make such an effort, but as I mentioned last week – I don’t like the idea of excluding anyone from some of the other things I’ve got planned for the site, so it was important to make the design as flexible and inclusive as possible.

Aside from the core articles, you’ll find regular opinion polls on the topics of the moment, and one thing I’m hoping will be quite interesting for you is the player ratings that are now in place for all the player profiles. I’m really very keen to look at the different ways of collecting fan opinion on the team, and the aim is to crowd-source some quite interesting data over the course of the season.

A player’s popularity will peak and trough, much like Gary McSheffrey’s interest towards football matches, but I would like to think that come May, these ratings will provide a pretty decent gauge of things. I also know that plenty of fans from other clubs come to the blog to check out our players – OK, they may not appreciate the non-sensical commentary along side it, but at least the ratings might actually provide some insight.

So do take a look around, subscribe to the blog, Twitter feed or even the brand new Nii Lamptey Show podcast if you’d like, and keep checking back as I attempt to maintain a solid throughput of words across the entire season.

All comments on the new design are welcome too, whether that’s to compliment my fancy new fonts, or criticise something being slower than a Joe Murphy goal kick. I’ve more control over a lot of these issues now, so go nuts with the feedback – raise anything that is stopping you from enjoying the site, and I’ll endeavour to sort it out for you.

In the immortal words of Andy Thorn: Ermmmmmmm. Let’s give it a go.

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