What an exciting week it’s been. The first ever Sky Blues Blog competition saw a frenzied number of fans all desperate to be seen in Coventry’s attractive new season attire.

The lucky entrant was picked at random last night in front of an independent adjudicator (my cat), and it gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner is …(cue dramatic pause, continuing on my game show theme)

..Ronan O’Connor!

Ronan (or @ronanpatrizio for all you Twitter types) had the good fortune to be drawn out of the Sky Blues Blog hat and has gone down the traditional route and opted for the home shirt. Good on him.

So well done to him for being such a lucky so-n-so, and thank you everyone else for entering. Keep your eye out for more competitions over the course of the season.

Next up, I hope to arrange a once in a lifetime training session with Sammy Clingan or Michael McIndoe.

If they’re not too busy, that is.

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