Tuesday was a bit up and down, wasn’t it?

In many ways, now comes the real test. Will we have it in us to grab all three points and really start to assert ourselves on the league, or will it be the same old City? The next visitors to our obscenely-sized stadium are Bury; also relative newcomers to League One football following their promotion in 2011.

How are they getting on?

An opening day bore draw against the reasonably well-fancied Brentford was a decent start for Bury. They then followed that up with a lost to Doncaster, meaning they’ll be desperate to get back to point scoring ways as quickly as possible.

Last season was fairly secure in all respects as they finished 14th, never really looking capable of a shock push for the play-offs, whilst generally solid enough to keep away from the the relegation picture. Remind you of anyone? Yes, they had a very Coventry-ish sort of season in their first year back in the third tier.

On the face of it, you’d think we ought to be able to force the issue and prove ourselves as having a better quality. However, as the first small team (I bloody hate saying stuff like that) to the Ricoh this season, things are by no means going to be a stroll in the park.

It hasn’t been the most settled of pre-seasons though. Sean O’Driscoll’s wacky return to Forest had an impact beyond Crawley Town, as they in turn went out and pinched Bury boss Richie Barker, less than two weeks before the big kick-off.

Who could cause us trouble?

Barker managed to bring in a few decent additions before he buggered off. Adam Lockwood has been around for a while, and was brought aboard following his release from our mates and fellow Championship useless swines Doncaster. He’ll be sturdy enough in defence you’d think.

More excitingly for them, they’ve also brought in young striker Lateef Elford-Alliyu from West Brom – he’s quick, strong and having been out on loan with them for the last past of the previous campaign, they’re pretty pleased to have taken him full time. He’s also got England under 17 pedigree, which at this level at least, usually counts for something.

Sky Blues team news

[ Still to come – In other words, we ain’t heard nothing, yet.]


I reckon we can win this one. We’re not playing particularly well, that’s patently clear. But a game at home with this bunch of new players, with some of the egos, might be enough to grab some points on this occasion. I know that’s not the logic you’ll be looking for. But we all know that sometimes, football comes down to such nonsensical margins.

2 – 0, please.

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