Just when you thought this situation couldn’t get any barmier, we have somehow – and I don’t quite understand this – decided to become the most exciting team known to man (fan). Or at least a close approximation.

Meanwhile off the pitch, you’ve got the Football League admitting they’ve made a pigsears of everything, ACL continuing their litigation Tourette’s, while Sisu focus on their main task in life – honing press releases to read as close to an indignant letter to Points of View as possible.

Yes, things refuse to settle down for Coventry City, and what better way to ensure that continues than a day trip far beyond the point of reasonable travel. The Sky Blue Army is off to Carlisle: the home of industrial revolution textile manufacture, Cumberland sausages (kind of) and either Belinda or Robert – I forget which.

I’m being stupid. Let’s look at some football.

How are they getting on?

We’re only a week or two in so while I’m loathed to offer any radical statements (I don’t begin that process until at least September) – they really have had an absolute stinking opening to the league campaign. They may have punctuated heavy defeats to Leyton Orient and Bradford with a great shootout win against Blackburn – but when you’re losing 5-1 and 4-0 in your first two league matches, that’s a blot of your copy book by anyone’s reckoning.

Who could cause us trouble?

Well they’ve got Lee Miller available after a 3 match ban, and a new lad on loan from Newcastle called Adam Campbell – while not knowing too much about either, anyone borrowed from a Premier League club has the potential (and credentials) to stand out in our division. That’s just science.

Meanwhile, David Amoo has grabbed three of their four goals so far this season, so is a man in form, and Lewis Guy is name most of you will at least be aware of – he’s got the other.

They’ve also got Danny Cadamarteri somewhere. He probably won’t play, but it felt important to bring it up.

Sky Blues team news

Pressley’s got to be delighted with the performances of his knife-edge players last Sunday – you know, those ones who have ready made replacements waiting if they mess up in the slightest. I’m thinking young Wilson and Daniels in particular here – and as discussed on this week’s Nii Lamptey Show, a performance like that is going to do wonders for their belief. It might be just one game, but they’ve just given Bristol City a ruddy good hiding – they now know they have the attributes to achieve in this League. Often that surge of confidence is more valuable to a player than any training exercise or tactical instruction.

Pressley seemed absolutely delighted with the team last week, and while you’d be forgiven for assuming he’d have something to say about conceding four goals, he didn’t seem too fussed about it. Of course much of that was down to us scoring five, but also because three of them were pure freaks. You can’t go mad at anyone but Lady Luck for those.

So with all this in mind I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s almost certain that Pressley will stick with the same line-up if he can help it, safe in the knowledge that he at least has a few options to tweak things if the dynamics of the game end up not to his liking.


We’ve all gone a little loopy this week and believe this bunch of players have so much attacking prowess, that they can go to Carlisle – a team who did the double over us last season – and win.

Brace yourselves.

Joey: 3-2

Paul: 3-0

Neil: 3-0

Yes, we’ve run quite, quite mad.

P.S. Just by way of reminder, I’m still livid that we’re in Northampton and I can’t go to those games. Absolutely livid.


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