Our points are gone. The season’s over.

Let’s get this out of the way first – I’ve heard both sides of the story to death and as unpopular as it seems to be, still can’t bring myself to agree with ACL’s recent actions. As much as I recognise their duty to their stakeholders, and the mistakes Sisu have made, from where I’m sitting I feel this particular course of action was needlessly premature and disruptive. I resent the sanctimony and the claims that by doing this now, they are acting in the best interests of the club. That’s not their assertion to make. Especially after the week we’ve just had.

I continue to believe that the summer was the appropriate time for all of this to be resolved, especially as they have intimated in their statements that they proceeded at this point by choice; rather than it being an absolute necessity. Like the rest of you, I’ve run through the scenario over and over, and my heart and head tell me the same – I’d much rather we take our chances with a deduction in 46 games next season, than destroy all hope 6 games before the end of this one. Not when we were so close, with so much still to play for.

In my mind the potential rewards of promotion far outweigh the risks, especially as thanks to Thorn and Shaw, we essentially had to pull back a similarly unnecessary deficit this season. That is achievable in League One, and it’s also achievable in the Championship when accompanied by the momentum of a promotion.

But I guess these are different arguments. The killer here is that we’re not dealing with football anymore. It’s ACL’s legal prerogative/perspective on the matter against Sisu’s attempt to enforce a sustainable rent, and I’m pretty much done explaining my mine as a fan who is fed up having absolutely nothing football-related to be happy about. It’s all in this piece if you’re interested.

Out of protest at the lack of importance placed on these final games, I will be putting very little effort into these rambles. Call it petty or childish, but it’s really not worth my time when the very things I want to talk about have been rendered worthless. I was actually close to spitting my dummy fully out and placing the blog on its summer holidays two months early, but I guess I may as well see things through.

How are they getting on?

Top. Five points clear. Lost one game in nine. Won four out of six. Won 13 games away from home – the best in the division.

Who could cause us trouble?

Hume’s decent. Paynter knows how to score. Cotterill is class. None of these looked particularly good when we destroyed them back at the Keepmoat, but what does that matter? This game’s going to be completely different.

Sky Blues team news

Baker out. Clarke out. Adams still out. Jennings possibly out. Cameron has joined up with Boothroyd at Northampton. The squad’s going through its toughest patch in terms of injuries and availability.

Pompey was rubbish, so Pressley may want to freshen it up. McSheffrey’s confidence is pretty much done for so there’s one opening. If I was to take a punt, I still think he fancies John Fleck and will find room for him as soon as he can.


Defiance in abundance would obviously be nice, but you may have noticed that I’m struggling to give any sort of monkeys myself.

We’re probably going to lose and give vindication to the thought that getting admin out of the way was the best thing for us. But that’s a parallel universe now – there is no relationship between both of these scenarios.

Doncaster 3 – 0.


  1. A suitably jaded post Mr Allison… after seven months of my usual emotional investment in the Sky Blues, hanging on for every upcoming fixture, transfer, goal, injury, live streaming possibility and episode of the Nii Lamptey Show (highlight of my week every Thursday morning as I prepare classes), the season ends like this.

    The thudding realisation that it’s about egos and money to the people who matter. It makes me angry to read the official statements from either side. Business jargon from functionally illiterate management graduates who know they’ll scarper scot-free whatever happens, senses of self-worth barely scarred and codes of honour yet to surface.

    Fit and proper persons? Best interests of the club at heart etc? Operation Premiership? Take a club of this stature back where it belongs?

    Till I die etc, LSB

    1. Sumptuously put, my friend. I have nothing more to add to that. You’re completely right; this is completely wrong. And yet all we can do is sit here and take it.

      Argh, the injustice.

  2. As a Donny fan I really do feel for you at the moment. We have been through some very hard times ourselves and been totally mis managed. Nearly to the point of extinsion in the 90’s. We are now very lucky to have been managed in professional manner for some time, although last year was one to forget. We have an almost totally different team from last year and for most of the fans, we would have been happy with mid table this year!. The management has done a great job in bringing in the right players for this division in the most cost effective way.

    However, if your prediction was correct at a 3.0 win, I would be more than happy. I think it will be much closer.

    1. Thanks a lot for the note. We all appreciate the solidarity, especially when there’s a lot of rumour and misinterpretation about our situation at the moment. We’re being painted as the bad guys of the league, but it’s just not as black and white as “those bastards are not paying their rent”. We just hope we can now finally move to something more sustainable and secure, like yourselves.

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