It’s been the week from hell. Administration looms, along with all the footballing permutations and ten-point dockage that come with it.

Given my natural persuasion towards the football stuff, obviously I’m angry with everyone for ruining the end of the season. It’s almost not worth doing these rambles anymore. But I will, because I’ve not missed one since the site re-launched in August and I’m not going to let a little thing like the games no longer mattering get in my way of finishing the course.

Anyway, at least the prediction will be easier to get right. Win, lose or draw – we ain’t getting any points thanks to some gits (very definitely plural). Everyone who’s ever been in charge of anything is a git. The Ricoh deal has been in place since we first moved in. It’s not just the current board who’ve messed up. This should have been sorted years ago.

But enough of that. Next up to visit our lovely temple of doom – Hartlepool.

How are they getting on?

I know you won’t believe it seeing as they’ve spent most of the season losing, but they are actually one of the league’s form teams. Their ultra-recent form is slightly ropey without a win in three, but if you look back over the last ten games it’s just the one defeat for Pools.

Their form has been so noteworthy that boss John Hughes picked up February Manager of the month, while captain Peter Hartley earned himself the player equivalent. This isn’t the same team that we hammered back in November. They’re all competitive and that, nowadays.

Who could cause us trouble?

Captain Hartley has been in a tremendous form, and in the interest of being hilarious, they have James Poole up front – those two scored in the same game recently and everyone went mental about it. LOLZ.

Their top scorers list doesn’t particularly stand out, with young Jonathan Franks joining Poole at the top of it on just four goals. Franks used to play for Middlesbrough and was snapped up in the summer after his release. He was a mainstay of the England youth set up, appearing in teams between the age of 15 to 20. The lad’s got some credentials.

Sky Blues team news

Much like our season as a whole, Leon’s done for. His injury’s serious enough to require surgery, and he’s off to have that done. Cody came into the starting line up during the week and had a good opening 20 minutes – then things went a bit quiet for him.

Callum Wilson was the real story of the other night and has played himself into contention. He’s looked decent enough in his few cameos this season, but to come on in a game when we were looking so unlikely to score and do that – tip of the hat to him. It was a cocky finish, and an even cockier celebration, and I loved it. So did Nathan Redmond who was sat right behind me, bouncing away with delight (even though I think he was there to watch Cyrus).

MadDog Dickinson has returned to Watford after his angry loan spell, leaving us light in the left back area. Jordan Stewart has been getting up to speed with the dev squad, and you’d have to think he is primed to make his debut.


I write all this, yet my overriding feeling is lingering around the “what’s the point?” mark. Seriously – according to ACL, the best thing for us at the moment is to get ourselves into admin and lose the ten points before the end of the season. Focus on fixing the mess of finances. Cheers guys.

That’s fine, but where does that leave the players? We’ve spent an entire season investing hours of emotion gearing for this final push. Can we really expect the players to act as though it’s business as usual when they know any points they gain today probably won’t count towards a thing?

This is a ridiculous situation however you look at it, but at a club where lack of ambition and genuine pressure to perform has contributed to our downfall over the last 6 or 7 years, I do worry what the latest setback will do to them.

Our only hope is that they can somehow summon the same level of defiance that has seen them come from behind so many times this season. The same level of defiance that refused to believe they were beaten in the JPT against Preston. The same level of defiance that has kept us within touching distance of the play-offs, even though we’ve been so useless at home…

Oh Christ, I forgot about the home form.

Not to worry. Let’s just be completely wild and pretend that everything that happens on a football pitch is completely arbitrary and base my prediction on that instead.

1-0 to City please, football Gods.


  1. Please keep the rambles coming. Another spot-on prediction. I reckon if you’d bet on all of your predictions this season you’d be sitting on a pile of cash. Thanks for keeping going.

    1. Cheers Paul, once this season’s done I’ll have to go back through my previous predictions and in true Bullseye fashion “find out what I could have won”.

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