So here we are. Our 17th must-win game of the season. 

We rarely have a good time of it against Leeds, but if ever there was motivation to finally get our arses in gear, you’d think the situation that seems to be developing down at Portsmouth would provide it.

Yes, I know the chances are we’re just not good enough to get out of this mess in any case – but I’d certainly appreciate the illusion of them giving it a bit of a go. In the same way I appreciate the illusion of Gary Deegan being a hard man.

Anyway, as is becoming customary (I’ve done it twice), I’ve been chatting away to an opposition’s site, explaining exactly why I think we’re bottom, why I think we probably won’t win against their club, and in this particular case, why Cov fans aren’t always that keen on Gary McSheffrey either.

I will get back to writing something on here very soon. I’m even selecting a shortlist of brand new trivial swear words as we speak. 

But in the meantime, here’s me speaking about Coventry in a very similar manner, but a slightly different font:

Interview With An Away Fan: Coventry City | The Offside – Leeds United

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