I am going on holiday in a couple of days, meaning my time at present is both limited and valuable. Which is why I am writing this ramble in the kitchen as I cook my tea, 30 minutes before we’re set to kick-off our first ever midweek game at Sixfields.

Prepared? No. Dedicated? Yes. Well it’s not really, but it’s bloody hard work keeping this up every week. Especially when I spend most of my free time trying to ignore the club.

Anyway, let’s write some words. And read carefully, I shall write them only once.

It’s the league leaders Leyton Orient this evening. Or as I’ve christened them: Leyt-In Awe? I Ain’t. Hilarious stuff, right there.

We meet for the third time this season, having lost on the previous two occasions. Of course, one of them was on penalties, so you’d like to think that’s simply another element of football that doesn’t really count.

You’re still thinking about the outrageous Leyton Orient word play, aren’t you?

How are they getting on?

We’ve been through this already. Too well. Annoyingly well. Impossibly well.

But they’re showing no signs of let up, which is starting to worry me. Maybe they have just suddenly turned an inexplicable shade of brilliant. It’s a little bit like us, because nobody expected us to be quite so good this year. But the difference being that while Orient have a similar thirst and unshakable knack for goal-scoring, they’ve also had a stronger tendency for victory.

Just the ten league wins for them so far this season. And not a single defeat.

Even though I refuse to be impressed (because I don’t like the thought of them making promotion look so easy), that’s not bad.

Who could cause us trouble?

This is becoming a little like the Preston period last season. Listen, I’ll recap because I’m nice, but you should know this by now.

Kevin Lisbie and David Mooney are a terrific strikeforce for the O’s, and Lisbie in particular is a bloody nuisance. 11 goals he’s got now, overtaking our man Callum Wilson. They’ll both be fully aware of that.

Meanwhile Dean Cox is always a threat creatively, and has an eye for goal as well. 5 goals for the attacking midfielder so far this season.

Sky Blues team news

Two substitutes had an impact on the performance against Wolves at the weekend, but don’t be surprised to see Pressley remain faithful to his starting 11. Right back continues to provide the most intrigue, especially with Willis seemingly always exiting play early, while Aaron Phillips has become an overnight Carlos Alberto. Kind of.

The other player who found praise after his cameo the other day was Manset who came on in our time of need and made himself known.

But as I say, injuries aside, we’re looking at an unchanged side you’d image.

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The Lampteys are recording tomorrow night, but through the magic of phone I have managed to obtain their predictions. It’s all rather positive again.

Joey: Coventry 2 – 1 Leyton Orient

Paul: Coventry 2 – 0 Leyton Orient

Neil: Coventry 2 – 2 Leyton Orient


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