I know the bigger picture requires most of us to be pretty fed up right now, but even so, you’d have to be the Bianca Butcher of football fans to have anticipated that week. Two home games, two opportunities to push on up the table.. and two rotten defeats.

How can we make this better? How can we re-align the positivity to the trajectory of two weeks ago?

Three new players and taking 7000 fans to MK Dons you say?

Yip. That might just do it.

I shan’t talk about the judicial review at this point, mainly because I don’t get what the bloody hell it’s all about. All I do know is the things we and our manager can influence this week have all shown the necessary positivity, and that’s a hefty portion of the battle.

So MK Dons it is. The scene of our finest hour last season. What else can we do to help the team along today? I see there’s talk of applause in the tenth minute. Personally I plan to applause as the clock hits 9:00, as that is indisputably the tenth minute of the match. I can’t help but be unkeen on stuff like this, mainly as it diverts my attention from the pitch, but if I have to join in with this newly contrived social convention, I might at least try to do it right.

Before I’m pounded for being a killjoy, don’t take me too seriously on that point. You clap if you want to.

Hopefully it’s another magic game. We all remember the same fixture last season. It was mighty special. If we’re treated to anything even close to that this time around, we can count ourselves very luck boys and girls indeed.

We have to win though. Otherwise it’s all a waste of time.

How are they getting on?

MK Dons are rivals in many respects, both in terms of league position and aspirationally, if you’re brave enough to be candid about it for a minute.

Mind you, it’s been an up and down season for them so far meaning they’ve yet to achieve anything approaching genuine form. The pattern-seekers and OCD amongst us will look at their current form of WLLWLLWLL and expect them to win this game to round off that string of results nicely.

They are in 11th place, and much like us are keen to reel in the four point gap between mid-table and the play-offs before it grows much bigger.

Who could cause us trouble?

They have a range of noteworthy players, some from the olden days; some fresh and new. Blasts from the past include midfielder Luke Chadwick (or “Wook” as he was unintentionally, but incessantly referred to by Alex Ferguson) and moodyman Alan Smith, a man who continues to allow his haircut selection to be led entirely by out-of-date photos in Cutters.

In reality, their biggest threat is leading scorer Patrick Bamford. 11 league goals to his name means Callum Wilson has another battle of egos to concern himself with, and as we saw with Nahki Wells the other week, this could be a crucial one.

They’ve also brought in Dale Jennings on loan from Barnsley. Jennings – of Bayern Munich transfer fame – is now 20 but his career has yet to ignite as expected. Nevertheless, if Bayern Munich fancy a piece of you, there must be something worth noticing.

Look alive, guys.

Sky Blues team news

Your guess is as good as mine.

Pressley was adamant he needed to freshen the squad up after two filthy defeats, and he has delivered with three very different loan signings. In comes defender Dan Seaborne, attacker Chris Maguire, and striker Chris Dagnall to replace some of the tired legs and minds that have appeared lately.

Discussions on this week’s Nii Lamptey Show focused heavily on Carl Baker’s recent form, and while it’s notoriously a tough call, will Pressley concern himself with upsetting an inherited captain who is struggling a bit? Possibly not. Maguire will be poised for that position if the call comes.

Eight goals conceded in two games poses very serious questions about our defenders too, with Cyrus Christie and Aaron Phillips both out to prove themselves as the solid choice at right back. Our central defenders will also be fretting about whether they can keep their place with Seaborne entering the fray.

Up front, new boy Dagnall seems a certain starter if Pressley sticks with his preferred shape and can’t tempt Billy Daniels out of his sickbed.

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team at www.skybluesblog.co.uk/selector


It’s really exciting isn’t it. 7000 frustrated/delirious Coventry fans, many of whom will be watching the team for the first time this year, all packed under one very plush roof and dreaming of another Franck Moussa moment. It’s mental to think that confidence with this bunch of players is on the floor after just a couple of below-par performances, but remember – it only takes a single moment for that to adjust itself once more.

Football’s impetuous like that.

For me, I want victory and have no doubts that we should be good enough to achieve it. But for safety reasons, I suggest a draw is more likely.

The other Niis have more belief. The show offs.

Neil: MK Dons 1 – 1 Coventry

Joey: MK Dons 1 – 3 Coventry

Paul: MK Dons 1 – 2 Coventry

Enjoy the game.



  1. As for the game I want us to avoid defeat, three defeats in a week could prove to be critical.

    As for who choose not to attend ‘home’ games but have selected this away fixture to make their point, as opposed to an away fixture at an authentic club, (mk dons are not an authentic football club this should not require explanation) there does appear to be a bucketful of twisted logic.

    Back to the footy, I am really pleased that the club have supported SP by getting three new players in, lets hope they have an immediate impact.

    1. MK Dons offers 7000 fans the opportunity to come together – by far the largest away day in the division. I can see why it’s been chosen to make that statement over a couple of thousand somewhere else.

      We have enough decisions to make around the morality of watching our own club at the moment, is it really necessary to introduce the added complexity of others into the mix? Should we maintain a list of injustices that have occurred in football over the years? Do we boycott Cardiff? Hull? Or maybe our focus remains on our own “live” situation, and not one of something which has already reached a resolution. I don’t condone what happened to Wimbledon, but there’s only so much a fan can do to influence their own club, without the expectation that we should be moral wardens over every other club too. There are a lot of rotten things in football, but come on, let’s not use MK Dons as yet another high-horse point scoring exercise.

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