Yeah, we’re cooking now. Fresh off the back of only our second away league win since April 2011,  the Sky Blue swines make a swift return to action against the best team ever to be relocated from Wimbledon; MK Dons.

How are they getting on?

Aside from being the most disliked team in the land (for reasons I’ve never been arsed to look into), Milton Keynes Dons are 3rd in our wonderfully naff league. Buggering hell, I hear you bawl.

Well, you’re probably right to be concerned. Momentum is one of the biggest weapons in football, and they’ve got tonnes of the stuff having finished 5th in the league last season, after scoring over 100 goals in all competitions. Whopping stuff, right there.

They’ve continued this positivity and have won 5 of their opening 9 games so far this season, only losing 2 of those. Looking at the most recent league form, they’ve only lost 1 of the last 6.

The long and short of it is that they are genuinely one the better teams in this division and we should expect to have to play well to beat them.

Who could cause us trouble?

I remember Dean Bowditch as baby-faced rascal at Ipswich, but he’s done a fair bit since those days, with plenty of lower league appearances and goals under his belt. He managed ten last season, and has started well this time around with 4 to his name.

Another name you’ll no doubt remember is that of Luke Chadwick, the dorky kind of lad from Manchester United with sticky feet. He too has made a good career for himself since, and has proven himself to be invaluable to MK Dons in recent times. He picked up consecutive player of the season awards in 2010 and 2011, and has continued his good form throughout his time there. He has 4 goals this season too, and should be watched.

One player we won’t have to concern ourselves with any more is Jimmy Bullard – a bona fide scamp if ever there was one. He’s decided he’s had enough and has called time on his playing days. Hardly a surprise, given the injuries he’s had to struggle on with.

Sky Blues team news

Cody came on. Cody “scored”. Will this be enough to earn him a start? It’s hard to call.

Another who had an impact on Saturday (you can’t take these statements too seriously by the way – the game was atrocious) was John Fleck, and he may come in as a replacement for the perennially under-performing Gary McSheffrey.

Considering the game was described as one of the worst ever, Robins may need to make a few changes to sort this out. Word on the street is that Jordan Clarke may not be available, so the options at right back would seem to be Bailey, Willis or Brown. Of all of those, I’d certainly give Jordan Willis another shot. He showed some great quality against Birmingham, and would seem to be the most comfortable in that position.

Sky Blues Sam will also be on the bench. The humungous wally.


Tomorrow we enter the unknown. Will the win against Oldham give the lads an almighty boost in confidence? Or will it be just the same? Heaven only knows.

My guess is that we’ll pick it up a bit, and could just scrape a win. It’s a little over-confident, but we’re back at home, and hopefully will be able to harness even the smallest of momentum from Saturday and put that into an improved performances.

Please find attached my horribly uncomplicated prediction: 2-1 to the Sky Blues.


  1. “Aside from being the most disliked team in the land (for reasons I’ve never been arsed to look into), Milton Keynes Dons are 3rd in our wonderfully naff league”
    Perhaps if you did take the trouble to find out the facts about MK Dons as opposed to the biased opinions of others you may find that we are actually rather a nice lot.

    1. That was actually the tone I was going for – I hear all this nonsense about you being hated, yet there doesn’t seem to be any actual reason for it. Soz for messing it up and offending you.

  2. I’m sure you are a nice lot, it’s just tghe way your club was formed that annoys most football fans. MK deserves a team of its own, rather than one that was uprooted from Wimbledon & plonked down in your fair town.

    1. No offence taken. Our fans had no involvement in the moving of Wimbledon to MK, neither did the team or management, so I don’t understand why the Dons haters take it out on us. The guilty parties were the then Club owners, Merton Council and the FA for approving it.

  3. sky blue optimism, unfortunately mine, optimism that is, has trancended into an altogether less positive emotion. it takes more than one scruffy away win. however, if we win tonight then ,,,,,,,,

    there are very sound reasons to dislike MK Dons, the clue is in ‘Dons’

    how would you feel if Coventry City were relocated and rebranded?

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