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So football fans – a game on a Saturday, away at Sixfields. What a novelty.

My first attempt at a ramble for this game morphed into an ill-advised period of thinking last night; you can read the fruits of my waffling here. We’re back to thinking about football this morning though, and things are looking annoyingly healthy in that regard. I say annoyingly, because it’d be just my luck if we got promoted this season when no bleeder is there to enjoy it.

Oops, politics again. Let’s just ramblify the game.

It’s Notts County today. Poor old Notts County.

How are they getting on?

Not the best. They are second from bottom, but have just jumped off the bottom having sacked their manager, so things are on the up. Sort of.

Here are a few stats that are all entirely true. Use them how you wish.

– Notts County had lost 3 in a row prior to  winning their last game
– Notts County have lost 7 out of 10 games
– Notts County have won 3 out of 7 games
– Notts County have only drawn once all season
– Notts County have lost the most games this season with 10 defeats

Who could cause us trouble?


I’m gutted that I forgot all about him for this week’s Lamptey previews. He’s actually picked up a little injury but they’re hopeful he might be one of the ones who returns in time. I bet he can’t wait, if only to enjoy the adulation he’s bound to receive, and especially those songs from people who’d though he’d expired.

Aside from him, look no further than Callum McGregor for a bit of danger. He’s on loan from Celtic and is probably their best player. The man’s got 7 goals so far this season, 3 more than his nearest rivals Daniel Haynes and Yoann Arquin.

Arquin’s another one who intrigues me. He scored the other night which is reason enough to mention him, but it’s the terrific selection of French B sides which has me wondering – Nantes, Nancy and PSG no less. So close to being really good, and yet so far. A whole letter away.

Sky Blues team news

Fresh off the news that Callum Wilson has signed a new deal, we can now delight in the fact that Cyrus Christie is back from injury, a whole load faster than I thought he would be. If he’s anywhere close to being fit enough, Pressley’s sure to bring him straight back, but the wonderful thing is we have a deputy in Phillips who showed himself to be trustworthy. He started his first game for the club last week and made a good show of looking like he belongs, while still clearly learning the ropes. Willis might be fit too and usually ahead of Phillips, but I’m on a train right now so can’t be bothered to find out.

Billy Daniels has had his operation, so he’ll be at home recuperating with Jeff. Aside from that, we’re looking at a return to the standard line-up for the umpteenth time this season. Brace yourself.

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team at


The Niis have gone big this week. Who cares that Notts County have just sacked their manager? Who cares that we never win three games on the spin?

What do those rules even mean?

This feeling of invincibility is something to embrace, and we’re embracing the flip out of it right now.

Victory. Threefold.

Joey: Coventry 3 – 0 Notts County

Neil: Coventry 3 – 0 Notts County

Paul: Coventry 4 – 0 Notts County


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