They said it couldn’t be done. They said I was mad to attempt it. They even said it was a waste of my time.

They were probably right, but I have done it. I’ve somehow made it to the end of the season having provided you with a ramble before every game since the re-launch of the site in mid-August.

But enough about me. Let’s get this nightmare over with.

How are they getting on?

Notts County are in 12th place, 10 points off 6th. It’s been a messy sort of season. They were flying high earlier in the campaign, but a flurry of postponements left them points and games behind, and eventually it all proved too much for them to claw back.

They’ve won two on the bounce, including away at Doncaster last week which really caused the guys at the Keepmoat some issues. They’ll want to finish on a high, and coming up against a bunch of players who couldn’t give any shits about the season anymore, they’ll be feeling confident.

Who could cause us trouble?

They’ve done a good job of spreading the goals around the team, with six players grabbing seven or more, compared to our three. Nobody has hit the magical double-figures for them, though.

Jamal Campbell-Ryce is top scorer. He’s always a bit of a useful sod when he plays against us, and you will mainly find him hanging around on the wing.

Back at the Ricoh, Gavin Mahon took one for the team as he received dog’s abuse for looking like Lee Hughes. Neither is at the club any more, so unfortunately there’s no chance of that hilarity happening again.

They do have another Hughes however – a chap called Jeff who I know very little about.

Sky Blues team news

After managing the previous 45 league games this season, goalkeeper Joe Murphy has caused himself a groinal mischief. His kinkiness leaves the door open for everybody’s favourite helmet head Chris Dunn to get himself involved in the first team action again.

There were plenty of fans who blamed him for the JPT first leg defeat to Crewe. I too think he inspired little confidence in his defenders. But he wasn’t the only one – he wasn’t one of the midfielders to go completely and recklessly gung-ho. And in his previous appearances he’s always looked fairly sensible to me. Best just to leave him to his game, I say. Ironic cheering when he catches the ball is banned.

Tony’s available for selection and an option for the left-back slot now that Jordan Stewart’s hurt himself.

It’s also the last opportunity for some of the loan players to say goodbye to our fans. Maybe Mr Pressley will give them a final go, or maybe, he couldn’t care less about things like that and will stick with some of the youngsters.

Who knows?


We’re all going on a Summer holiday.
It means we’ll lose by 3 or 2.
More court battles on our Summer holiday.
Is this the end for Sisu-ooh?
Or are ACL more poo?

Neil Allison. Blogger. Visionary. Lyricist.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Many thanks for your interesting rambling throughout the season. Shame it all ended the way it did.

  2. A pleasure to read your comments this season, can I ask that you continue your thoughts through the summer as we all know there should be plenty to talk about.
    Perhaps we can all start with Appleton’s report in May, should make light reading when we take out the parts other certain people may have pre written for him.
    Predictions for the summer then, Baker will leave, player of the year always does.
    Long drawn out high court case, on where the golden share is held.
    FA make decision to rewrite criteria to assist clubs in administration, including employing a specialised independant administrator.
    SISU agree one season deal to play at the RICOH, FA also agree to allow CCFC to play in league one currently owned by SISU, until decision is made on whether the takeover bid made by Preston Haskell is legally correct as the golden share issue is still unresolved.

    Only a bit of fun, but it’s not really is it?

    1. Thanks Dave – much appreciated. I have a few ideas to tide me other the summer months, so as much as I would like to, I shan’t be going into hiding. Not that I particularly need any ideas – I get the feeling things are primed to really kick off any day now.

      FA definitely need to take a look at their admin laws too, especially what they’re trying to achieve with them. That seems to have been lost somewhere along the way.

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