Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

Check us out, winning two away games in a row like we don’t know any better. This upturn in form hasn’t gone unnoticed, and what better way to lead into a pre-game ramble than by offering up the following quote from the BBC’s slightly less jaunty approach to match previews:

Improving Coventry City go into the first of four successive home games on the back of eight away goals in two games in the space of four days.

As much as it’s nice to see the positive slant for once, that really is a dog of a sentence. Woof.

How are they getting on?

If you thought Hartlepool were suffering a crisis, you wait till you take a look at Pompey’s recent record. They’ve lost six league games in a row, and seven altogether if you count a home FA Cup defeat to Notts County.

All things considered, they actually made a less disastrous start to the season than many assumed they would. But somewhere along the way their lack of financial clarity (or squad) has caught up with them, and from the outside, it feels like they’re plummeting.

If that wasn’t enough, manager Michael Appleton has taken his leave and swanned off to Blackpool. They’re currently enduring what I’m referring to as their “Richard Shaw” phase. Nothing seems to be going right, and with that in mind, we can’t afford to be the club to afford them any respite.

With no new manager coming in before the game, caretaker Guy Whittingham must continue to find ways to inject confidence into a group that are clearly struggling.

Who could cause us trouble?

Izale Mcleod is a player I had my eye averted to this summer by my flatmate, who was a little bothered when Portsmouth eventually snapped him up. Things aren’t flowing quite as much as they were (aside from a penalty last game), but as far as an overall appraisal goes, he certainly hasn’t disappointed. Ten goals is good going, especially as they include vital away strikes away at Crawley, Yeovil and MK Dons.

They’ve also managed to find a way to bring in Birmingham youngster Jake Jervis on loan to help things along. What’s odd is that he’s been at Carlisle and Tranmere this season already. If he plays for Pompey – which of course he will – that’ll be the maximum of three teams in a season, so Birmingham best hope they don’t require his services later on.

Also keep ’em peeled for Nathaniel Mendez-Laing, who is on loan from Peterborough having being told by Darren Ferguson that he’s not needed any more . He’s been a bit of a naughty boy by all accounts, but I’m not here to get all high-and-mighty about that. It’s naff all to do with me – all I know is that he’s the kind of player to get on our nerves in a footballing sense too.

Sky Blues team news

Things are looking rosy for Robin’s team selection following the two emphatic away wins last week. Barring any last minute injuries, he’s no doubt going to be keen to continue with the confidence that defines his current starting eleven.

Blair Adams sounds to have fitted in nicely at left-back, and should continue there. I think many of us are looking forward to seeing how he kicks off his career on the Ricoh pitch.


At the risk of coming across “bold” (predicting a 2-1 away win at Colchester was apparently a little too maverick), I reckon we can – and will – score three again.

Let’s go for 3-1 to the resurgent Sky Blues, getting our run of 4 straight home games off to a tremendous start.



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