Good evening citizens, welcome to my head.

Brevity is the call of the evening as I have T minus 20 minutes to blast this out before it’s rendered useless by the team sheets and the match actually happening. Damn you natural flow of time.

So, news flash. We got smashed five ways to Sunday, on Saturday (if that’s in any way a legitimate recreation of that saying). Nobody expected it, the players didn’t expect it, and I certainly didn’t expect it with my unnecessarily confident 4-1 prediction. What a boob I feel.

Things went wrong for us all over the park, and we were given what-for by a more clinical, better organised team on the day. Congrats to Tranmere.

So does that automatically mean we’re now rubbish? No. Does that mean we’re going to get spanked again? No. Does that mean any patterns we identified off the back of that game are automatically applicable tonight?

No – tonight is but another game.

We’re still the fourth best team in the league (ignoring deductions, natch), and one almighty defeat doesn’t make us a bad team. What could contribute to us becoming a bad team tonight is how the fallout from that game impacts on the belief and confidence of this young group of players.

If the doubts creep in, we could be in trouble. But, if they recognise that they’ve been dominant and have annihilated the majority of opponents this season, the opportunities will be there once again, if they’re brave enough to take them.

Which team do we have to navigate our way past on this bracingly cold evening? It’s Rotherham United. Famous for a variety of reasons, but probably best known for their inexplicable appearance in the 1992 Mega Drive game European Club Soccer.

How are they getting on?

They’re 10th at the moment, just two points of the play-off places, and that’s where they’ve been pretty much all campaign.

Recent form’s not great however, with just the one win in seven games. However, for those of you who would like a different interpretation of their situation, they’ve only lost once in five games, and are unbeaten in three. Adjust your concern accordingly.

However you want to look at this, they’re 10th in the league for a reason and with just four defeats so far (the same as us) they provide a worthy test for any team.

Who could cause us trouble?

This is where my lack of time is really going to affect this ramble. Fortunately Mr Joey Crone did all this work for me during this week’s podcast.

Joey tells me that they have Matt “scourge of lower league defences” Tubbs, while their top scorer is a former Everton lad who goes by the name of Kieran Agard and is certainly one to watch with seven so far this season.

Lee Frecklington is also a name you may have heard of, along with Claude Davis and Pablo Mills. Frecklington has four goals this year – Davis and Mills don’t score goals quite in the same manner. They are large though. Fairly large.

Sky Blues team news

There’s a bit of worry that Leon Clarke won’t make it for this game. If he doesn’t then not only would it be a bitter shame, because he’s really good, but we immediately look far less emphatic up top.

The alternatives will be to throw in Billy Daniels, or Manset if he’s recovered from his baby-making exploits.

The rest of the side picks itself seeing as Conor Thomas is back from suspension and Barton struggled to show any sign of influence once again.

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team atย


Time’s pressing on, but fortunately there’s very little else to say on the subject. I reckon we’ll win, partially because I don’t think it’s set in stone that the previous game will have an impact on this, and partially because I made this prediction a week ago so I can’t be held accountable for my recklessness.

The others are a bit more reserved.

Neil:ย Coventry 2 โ€“ 0 Rotherham

Joey:ย Coventry 2 โ€“ 1 Rotherham

Paul:ย Coventry 1 โ€“ 1 Rotherham


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