VICTORY. Three of them in a row. Don’t bloody believe this.

OK, one was in the first round of the FA Cup, but they all count. It could’ve been against the Namibian under 3’s for all I care. Momentum is the key here.

With that jibberish in mind, let’s take a look at how things might go this Saturday against Scunthorpe.

How are they getting on?

Losing, mostly. Much like we were back in September.

However, former boss Brian Laws has returned and they’ve just managed an inexplicable 4-1 away win to Walsall in his first game. What does this mean? Sod all probably, because this league is so strange, but here we have two teams with a feel-good factor about them. It’s going to be very interesting.

Who could cause us trouble?

Fluffy David Prutton is on loan from Sheffield Wednesday, and he’s always had just enough quality about him to catch my eye. I particularly remember being very cross watching him when he was a youngster, grabbing all those under 21 caps while John Eustace could only look on enviously from his starting position in a Premier League team. I was so cross I actually set up a website campaigning for his immediate inclusion.

It didn’t work. He turned 22 the day after it went live.

For all their troubles, they do have a goalscorer in their ranks. Leon Clarke’s another loanee, and after grabbing his 8th of the season during the week, we must be extremely wary of the threat he poses. He’s essentially their very own David McGoldrick, only with a more circular head.

Sky Blues team news

It’ll probably be the same team from midweek, barring any issues with injuries, illness or bowel discomfort.

The only potentially questionable decision would be for social media potty-mouth Jordan Clarke to retain his position at left-back. Not because he didn’t do OK there the other night, but because he’s not a left-back, and we have three others who supposedly are.

The bench is always an intriguing place nowadays. Royboy O’Donovan has found himself a spot just lately, but there’s still no sign of Conor Henderson making it onto the pitch. I’m a little sad we’ve not had a chance to see him. The Arsenal fans think he’s a little cracker.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how the two Mc’s get on up-front again. McDonald put in a hard-working performance against Crawley and would have had a goal if it wasn’t for soppy refereeing decisions. Dave showed his keenness to put the ball in the net once again, and the way he’s going, there’s no sign in this slowing down.


I think I’m now four results from four in these predictions. Not that I particularly like predicting football matches. What if someone gets sent off after ten minutes for absolutely bugger all? How are you supposed to legislate for that in your prediction, especially for those of us who aren’t Mystic Meg (or an Octopus)?

But that’s neither here nor there. I’m still going to guess, otherwise this prediction section will look pretty nude.

I reckon we could have another decent game on our hands. We might even be the ones to take it.

Get your money on 3-1, sports fans.

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