New manager, new approach, new belief. That’s the way it’s supposed to go, isn’t it?

We’re cutting it fine if we think we can make the play-offs from this point, but one of the key benefits of bringing in a new guy is the implied honeymoon period when he arrives. Knowl was shouted down on this week’s Nii Lamptey Show for daring to suggest that if you apply basic we-should-beat-them logic, a run of sorts is possible.

It was mocked (mostly for comedic purposes) given that we haven’t managed more than 2 consecutive league wins all season, but now Mr Pressley has entered the building your mind does start to wander a little.

First of the games we assume we’re capable of winning is against Scunthorpe.  Whisper it quietly, but this one is away from home…

How are they getting on?

The league’s 20th placed team had a resurgence during early February, but it’s come a little bit unstuck over the last couple of weeks. They’ve lost 3 out of the last 4 games, and when you look at their home record, it’s very similar to ours. In fact, goal difference aside – it’s exactly the same.

Match that up against our ruthlessness away from the Ricoh, and you can see why we’re down as the bookies favourites.

Who could cause us trouble?

At first glance of the BBC Scunthorpe page, you could be forgiven for believing that Leon Clarke and Graeme Hawley are the danger men. Fortunately after further research, this is not the case.

As it transpires, that Hawley chap is actually a guy called Karl Hawley. He’s 31 and has spent most of his career around the lower leagues, enjoying a particularly fruitful time at Carlisle. It was all a few years ago now, and although he’s Scunthorpe’s top scorer, he doesn’t seem to have scored since January.

If I were you, my focus would be on Akpo Sodje, who scored a 3 or 4 goals during February and will be likely to start. They’ve also just brought in Man City reserve keeper Eirik Holmen Johansen on loan, and he’s been impressing during training this week. Let’s hope is he’s doesn’t feel at HOLME(N) in goal tomorrow.

I’m sorry about that. Terrible. Just terrible.

Sky Blues team news

Our attention has been so diverted by the manager talk this week that you almost forget we had a right shocker against Swindon in the last game.

Nathan Cameron is one to watch following his iffy day at the office during that defeat. Carsley has since spoken about protecting certain players from the line of fire, so don’t be surprised if Edjenguele finds himself back in the line up.

Pressley is technically in charge for the game tomorrow so it’ll be interesting to see whether he immerses himself into things immediately, or if he simply sticks with those players who have managed to win so many away games in a row.

You always notice one or two out-of-favour players come storming back into the fray when a new boss arrives, after a decent training session or something. I’ve always assumed that Adam Barton spends most of his time in training strolling around the rest of the team. It would be nice to seem him involved again if he’s in any way available.

The two in the middle have had a mixed experience just lately, so it’s not completely inconceivable that either Jennings or Bailey is relieved of their starting line up duties. Thomas is ready and waiting and has been for a while – I’d certainly like to see him get a go.


The pressure of the podcast has again ensued, and I’ve committed myself to something utterly farcical. 4-1 was my prediction in the spur of the moment (mainly due to the idea that Leon Clarke is going to goal-crazy and show them what they’re missing) so I’ll stick with it just in case it actually comes in.

Predictably, I’m actually really looking forward to the game now. We’ve got a new manager, ergo things get more exciting. Those are the rules. I’d love to see a performance of a similar tempo the one Swindon subjected us to last week. It’d send us all bandy.

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