Friends, family, supporters, people who think I’m a prat. Welcome back to the blog. I’ve not had too much to say lately. I can only apologise if you’ve expected better.

This’ll be cool though. We’re on TV, so loads of us get another chance to watch the boys again. It’ll also be interesting to see semi-professional somersaulter Peter Beagrie’s expert opinion on our current situation. You can’t blame pundits for only having a broad overview of what’s gone on, but it still wrangles a bit as these are important opportunities for our predicament to reach a wider audience. You want it to be represented accurately.

Nevermind though. As long as we don’t all start fighting with each other again, that’ll be a victory in my book. That and our new kit not looking too rubbish on TV.

Oh, and actually winning against Sheffield United of course.

How are they getting on?

Bad enough to get rid of new boss David Weir after 13 games. They’ve not won since the opening fixture of the season, although they have just managed to break a six match losing streak. Even if it wasn’t enough to save poor David.

Not content with finding it impossible to win, they’re also making an almighty pigsear of scoring. Just the six goals for them so far, which renders their comparatively competitive defensive record (16 conceded – 3rd best in the bottom half) of little use.

But they’ve sacked their manager which regularly provides teams with an inexplicable boost, whether they’re actually decent or not. Just ask Richard Shaw – as mentioned recently – our resident expert on the subject.

Who could cause us trouble?

Let’s get this straight; Sheffield Utd don’t have bad players. I bet they’re not even a bad team. If I was to hazard a guess – and I haven’t seen them much this season so that’s all it will be – I’d suggest this rot could simply be borne out of a longer term decline, and the resulting drop in confidence that accompanies that. There will be a feeling of anxiety around the place as you’d expect when you can’t win to save your life, and getting rid of that is bloody difficult whoever are you.

Marlon King is away with Jamaica, isn’t he? That’s useful for us because he’s a decent player, even if his personal manner and general way towards everybody else seems to be lacking.

Mr Doyle’s a fixture in the middle of the park, and while I was never a fan of his flailing limbs and illusory approach to tackling, many of you were and see a decent player there.

Jose Baxter’s also a name I like. In the way it looks (naturally) and as a football player, especially after all he did for Oldham last season, and the time I took him on loan in Football Manager.

Sky Blues team news

It’s all gone a bit wrong over the last week for our consistent “team that’s picking itself”.

Our right-hand side will feel different now Cyrus is out for a few weeks, while Baker is still have trouble with injuries himself. The way things are going, a young and inexperienced right flank is what we can expect. Willis should be fit and available, while it’s between Barton or Daniels on the right of midfield you’d imagine. Following his ascent to first team status in the opening games, I’ve got my eye on Daniels fetching his place back.

But it’s the right back position where the real decision lies for Pressley. Not just for this match, but for the next month. Can one of our fledgling defenders step into the increasingly important shoes of Cyrus? The team dynamics will have to adjust whoever it is, I just hope they can keep a cool head amongst the hoopla of the Sky cameras.

So what do you think? Who’s best placed to step in for Christie while he’s out? That’s the question in this week’s poll:

[poll id=”15″]

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team at


As you know, there wasn’t a Lamptey this week so these predictions have been taken offline. We were all a little bit right on Tuesday as Joey and Paul thought we’d go out, while I felt it’d go to penalties.

This game is a little different however. The confidence is back amongst the group (from two at least). In conclusion- we are going to win.

Joey: Coventry 3 – 1 Sheffield Utd

Neil: Coventry 2 – 0 Sheffield Utd

That’d be sweet if we did.


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  1. Good win again today,although we never ever make things easy for ourselves do we.
    Looking forward to some great away matches this month, plus MK in November.
    So strange watching the match on the box today, I believe though the non atmosphere helps the players deal with the situation and gives them the freedom to express themselves on the pitch.

    One issue about the new sponsors on the shirt, great gesture by the club to support a noble cause and help give recognition to the Grace research project.
    I just wish that they would report the absolute truth, and not the misleading comments about it being a sponsorship shirt deal, which it is not, SISU just cannot get their communications right.
    Do not mislead the fans and again make promises about shirt sponsors ,just say you haven’t managed to secure funding for shirt advertising as yet, but the club is helping a very worthy cause which every Coventry person would support and applaud the club at the same time for a magnificent thing to do.
    Perhaps they find it embarrising that a business who headline in finance cannot even gain a major highstreet brand to pay to have their name on the front of the shirt, I notice that Screwfix sponsor the football league , should have done a deal with them which would have been quite apt for a business that screws everything up and creates a fix with the league.

    Also cannot let this one go, but I see Mr Chambers was again venting his spleen on the radio on Friday night, his telephone bill must cost him half a season ticket alone.
    Just let it go Pete we know you love Sky Blues as we all do, support how you wish and I will do the same, I look forward to standing with you and everyone Sky Blue in Coventry one day soon, and when that happens I feel we will love our club even more and appreciate what it is to be able to watch our football team in our patch and cheer them on to greater heights.


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