Hello there football cherubs. Never a quiet week with us lot is there?

Even when there’s sod all going on, somebody somewhere will identify hoopla and revel in it. This week’s favourite moments have been ribbons causing upset at Sky Blue Lodge, while the feud between Blogger and “The Man” came to a dramatic conclusion as Les Reid received an apology in what was a somewhat dramatised spat. Valuable lessons learnt all round I’m sure. Get facts right; don’t mess with the “Less”.

Fortunately, I choose my words more carefully so you won’t see any enforced-retractions from this blogger any time soon. Although if calling a dipstick “a dipstick” is a crime, you better lock me up and throw away the key.

Anyway, enough of that. We lost again last weekend like a stupid regular team. But we don’t want to be regular. If anything, we want to be decidedly irregular, subverting the myth that the team on the pitch should be happy just to be competing because of all the off-field difficulties. Eff that flip.

This week’s immortal words come from Mr Roy Keane:


Actually, that’s one word. But can we manage it against Steven Idge? Let’s find out.

How are they getting on?

Not terrifically well, let’s be honest. They’re just outside the relegation zone in 20th place with five points, one ahead of our wholesome total of four(teen).

Their recent form is not great either with three league defeats on the spin. They had actually managed to go unbeaten in three prior to this run, but you’ve guessed it – they’d lost all their games before that too.

So in total, it’s their six league defeats playing our three.

Look a little closer at those recent defeats and they’ve all been fairly comprehensive too, with a 3-1 loss to Carlisle the best of a bunch which includes a 4-1 tonking by MK Dons and a 3-0 reverse against Preston.

Manager Graham Westley, who we all remember from last season, feels more positive however:

To me, we are winning here right now.

The reason we are winning here right now is the loss rate is dropping. It was 82%, then 62% and it’s 50% over the last six games. That’s improvement and improvement is winning.”

To confirm – improvement is not really winning. The only people who would think that are Westley, clearly, and that Chris Coleman/Charlie Sheen hybrid I will now be having nightmares about.

Who could cause us trouble?

Two names stick out. Greg Tansey has 3 goals this year, which equates to a high-proportion of the team’s total.

Meanwhile, former Chelsea winger Filipe Morias fancies himself at a higher-level by all accounts, and was attracting some interest during the transfer window. He has a couple of goals this year, although has committed the cardinal sin of only scoring one in the league, so it’s not really two.

I don’t make the rules (I probably do).

Sky Blues team news

Last week’s Baker and Daniels dilemma actually came true, meaning we were left fielding an off-the-pace Adam Barton.

Poor Adam lasted the first half before Pressley replaced him, and the big question this week is around identifying alternative options if Barton’s judged not to be an appropriate solution either.

Of course, it’s safest to leave him in there, and there’s always the hope that there may be a miraculous recovery from one of our more successful right-hand men, but it sounds as though we might have to identify our plan D.

If this wasn’t real-life, bringing Manset in and creating a line of him, Moussa and Wilson behind Clarke would actually seem quite a useful alternative. Can that really do the trick for 90 minutes though? I have my doubts.

Either way, here’s the most obvious solution if Barton’s not fancied, give or take some tweaks to the shape.


Have something else up your sleeve? Choose your own team at www.skybluesblog.co.uk/selector


None of the Lamptey boys could bring themselves to envisage consecutive defeats last week, resulting in a clean-sweep of incorrect predictions.

This week, the pattern remains. Joey and Paul have seen too much of this team to believe we can actually go on a bad run. Meanwhile, with just a single game to reference so far, I’m having to apply generic football logic a little more liberally than I’d care to.

In short – it’s a crucial game. We either break the run before it takes hold or we end up immersing ourselves in the inevitable drop in confidence that accompanies defeats in a row.

Joey: Stevenage 1 – 2 Coventry

Paul: Stevenage 1 – 2 Coventry

Neil: Stevenage 1 – 1 Coventry


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