It’s been a bit of a whirlwind 48 hours for your resident blog man.

Thursday night saw me head off to Manchester for the Football Blogging Awards in the vague hope that I’d come away with the prize of best Football Club Blog. As it transpired, fighting the big boys proved an almighty and eventually fruitless task, but at least I had a terrific time staring at my name in lights like your classic big head.

But I love you lot for voting for me in the numbers you did. When I started this blog back in 2009 I had no idea it’d be something worth reading or even writing. But I’m still at it, and even though I’m missing that critical football team element at the moment, you’re still putting up with my regular, potentially daft, sometimes thoughtful, often narcissistic, but hopefully engaging piece of the web. My infamous loins are once again on fire with gratitude.

But that’s that, this is now. Coventry are playing Tranmere at 1400 hours, and a victory could catapult us up to 8th. This is another big one, and yet my overriding observation is around it being another non-standard time to be playing football.

2pm on a Saturday? What’s that all about? I feel as though we’ve entered the Mid-Warwickshire Boys League by mistake.

How are they getting on?

21st in the league, with 8 defeats and a relegation fight on the cards if they continue on their current trajectory. And they’ve not seen beyond 17th all season long.

But hold your horses, don’t dismiss their credentials just yet. It’s taken a while but a good run may well be just around the corner. They’re in the midst of four games unbeaten, and while three of those have been draws, three have also come against teams in the top half. It’s not the most emphatic pattern you’ll ever see, but the signs of a revival are there.

Who could cause us trouble?

Last year it was all about Andy Robinson and Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro for the early chunk. They gained reputations as goal-scoring trouble makers, and even though the second half didn’t really go as planned and injuries ruined Jean-Louis’ momentum, their performances stuck in the mind.

This season, the focus has changed with injuries and lack of game time continuing to ruin their chances of getting back to the standards they set last season.

Ryan Lowe is up front and has scored a fair few so far, while captain James Wallace has returned from long term injury. The hope is that he can lead the march back up the table, but Ronnie Moore seems pretty keen to keep that pressure of him.

Former Sky Blues Blog favourite Steven Jenning is also a Tranmere player nowadays, but it’s touch and go as to whether he’ll be available. He’s barely registered a game so far, so don’t count on it.

Sky Blues team news

It’s been another week of contract extensions with Haynes and Daniels both putting pen to paper for the club. Daniels may well get the opportunity to celebrate in midfield with the absence of Conor Thomas through suspension, but the smart money is on Adam Barton to make the step up again.

The options are limited in our squad, so AB could really do with putting in a performance to remind us of that guy who scored such a delicious goal at Doncaster last season.

The rest of the line up picks itself, as it should when you’re 7 games unbeaten. Even if Jordan Clarke did have a bit of a messy game last time out.

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team at


It was a chuck-away last week, we can all recognise that, but there was more than enough attacking prowess on show to have been able to see the game out. From the looks of this week’s predictions, the Niis can’t see that attacking madness being quelled.

Neil: Coventry 4 – 1 Tranmere

Joey: Coventry 3 – 1 Tranmere

Paul: Coventry 4 – 0 Tranmere



  1. the goal that barton scored at donny was rather delicious but I think we will miss thomas today, I reckon/ hope for a scruffy three points. i don’t share the alcohol* fuelled optimism of neil and paul.

    * this may well be pure sky blue related optimism rather than alcohol fuelled optimism

  2. Haha, if it goes wrong, I was led astray by Paul. That’s my excuse.

    It makes sense that we’d miss Thomas, it’s just so far we keep saying we’ll miss players.. then we go and win anyway. I will take your scruffy win, but think we’ve got enough about us to dominate,,,

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