Yes James. You are funky.

Hello again, another 2am San Miguel-infused ramble from yours truly. I could get used to this. Although I’m not so keen on the tiredness, so we’re going to keep this brisk.

On the topic of getting used to things, you know what else I could take even more of? Coventry City winning all the bloody time.

This has been one of the best footballing fortnights of my life, and I’m thirsty for more.

Walsall is the next challenge for a team described so eloquently and accurately by the Nii Lamptey Show as “a bunch of talented, committed fucking legends”. Three games in and they’re already receiving such praise. What a transformation from the bog-awful nonsense we had to put with for the majority of last season.

I’m looking forward to heading to the Bescot stadium today brimming with confidence and fully prepared for another display of sexual midlands football.

How are they getting on?

Each game has been positioned as a challenge so far, and while we made light work of the first two, Walsall potentially offers the biggest of the lot. In theory the relegated teams would have been best prepared to give us a bit of a spanking, while Crewe always make us look like gooseberries, but neither of them has the recent form of Walsall. And recent form counts for a lot in league one football.

They’re unbeaten this season which in many respects could easily set them in a better place than us. The only league points they’ve dropped were on the opening day at home to Oldham and since then they’ve played three away games in all competitions and won the bleeding lot. I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed by that. 3 away wins in the space of a week is well worth anyone’s attention, especially when one of those victories was against a team from the league above.

Who could cause us trouble?

Much like Adam Armstrong our end, all eyes will be on Tom Bradshaw who has already scored four goals this season (including a hat-trick against Nottingham Forest), as well as being the Saddlers’ top scorer last season.

Beyond the obvious, Kieron Morris came into the side for his first league start of the season in midweek and did well, so should be hungry to keep his place and impress. I also mentioned Sam Manton in my Lamptey show preview, a midfielder who has struggled with injuries over the last 18 months but is back now and capable of putting in some assured performances in midfield.

Sky Blues team news

Aside from your standard post-game niggles, we’re all set to line up in exactly the same manner as we have in the last three league games. And why would you change? The team looks fluid and is playing some of the most incisive attacking football we have seen in years.

That’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement in the team. Both full-backs are putting in high-energy performances and can’t be faulted for that, although they do seem to lack the same level of technical quality employed by their team-mates. I don’t mean that they should be chucked out – but it’s becoming noticeable how tricky they’re finding it to match those around them, so they will be wary of letting the other aspects of their performance drop.

On the bench, Tudgay and Murphy are both eager to get themselves onto the pitch and may make an appearance if needed. Murphy in particular will appear to be a default substitute regardless of how the match is going. Tudgay, not so much.

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Much like the team, I’m absolutely flying at the moment. The players are producing some sensational stuff so all we can do is support that and push them on to continue their performance in every game. They’re good enough to do it; they just need to believe they’re good enough to replicate it game-on-game, for a prolonged period.

You pragmatists will continue to display caution at the risk of being hurt when we lose, but I couldn’t give any flips about that. We’ve been losing for years – it’s time to show a bit of arrogance and push this team on to higher goals with a stronger and more bolshie attitude towards matches.

Neil: Walsall 1 – 2 Coventry

Joey: Walsall 1 – 1 Coventry

Paul: Walsall 1 – 1 Coventry

So, what are you thinking? Share your prediction below:

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