Hello. Good week?

Of course, I banter with you all. It may have started with a penalty shootout victory catapulting us to jubilation, but since, news that we might have to start playing our games down Memorial Park has diverted our attention quite swiftly.

Strangely, I’m not so worried about the team, but can we as fans regain that momentum after a topsy-turvy week off the pitch?

How are they getting on?

Truth be told, they’re plummeting after what was a fairly decent opening to the season. It’s 11 league games without a win now for The Saddlers, which tells its own story. I make it 14 games altogether, which equates to over two months. However you want to look at things, it’s not too great. They’ve gone well past the verge of tears and are now sobbing uncontrollably into a bucket.

If you flip the stats a bit (which let’s face it; it’s what they’re there for), they’re unbeaten in the last three with two particularly impressive away draws against Crawley and the annoyingly overachieving League One leaders Tranmere. So they’ve got form of going to places and not letting you win. The bunch of killjoys.

Who could cause us trouble?

Those of us with Football Manager memories will instantly recognise the name Febian Brandy as a very makeable loan signing from the fringes of the Manchester Utd first team.

As is the case, things don’t really work out for the vast majority of youngsters at Old Trafford, not unless you’re Giggs, Scholes… or Nicky Butt. But after a few unsuccessful trials around league clubs and a weird stint in Greece, he’s wound up at Walsall and surely capable of something. He also scored the other week against Crawley, but that’s his only goal of the season. An odd one to pick out, but we all know the sort of player who gives us grief.

Young George Bowerman is top scorer with 7, but he hasn’t do so since the end of September as far as I can tell, coinciding with this miserable run of theirs. He’ll probably only be on the bench, but is worth a mention.

Northern Ireland international Will Grigg is a name that I regularly see mentioned and a player I certainly used to noticed thanks to a wild mane of hair. He’s tamed that now I think, but from the football side, I hear he’s a nice and tidy with plenty of experience for a 21 year old striker.

Sky Blues team news

The team is picking itself at the moment, as Robins tries to maintain the current level of results.

Still pushing for first team action are John Fleck, Adam Barton and Roy O’Donovan, who have all seen game time recently from a boss who’s not keen on change – be it to a line up or during a game that we’re winning. They’ll have to bide their time as the same team that started against Sheffield Utd gets another run out.

Noticeably down the pecking order once again has been Cody McDonald as ROD continues his run of favour with Robins. It’ll be interesting to see who’s picked as our striking options as the bench returns to the higher quota of 7.


I think it’ll be a peculiar atmosphere thanks to a turbulent week and a bracing cold that’ll render everyone’s little toe meaningless (even more so) within about 10 minutes.

I’m also cautious given the recent away form of Walsall, but I think we’ll still take it. Forgive me for going for the default winning scoreline, but once again I’ll predict 2-1 to us.

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