And what it all boils down to is that no-one’s really got it figured out just yet.

Except Alanis. Alanis knew what she was talking about.

We haven’t even started the season and the predictions of doom and mediocrity are rife, with negativity seeping through following a less than impressive pre-season campaign. Just what will become of Coventry City during 2015/16, I hear you sob.

As annoying as a poor pre-season can be, it’s not like we’re particularly aligned with the logic that a pre-season will ultimately determine the trajectory of a campaign. Over the last few years we’ve had great ones, regular ones, and wholly abominable ones, and still none of those have ended with any genuine bearing on our early or full season performance.

As supporters, it’s likely we will start the new campaign against Wigan today with the standard concoction of nerves, anticipation, excitement, delight, frustration, bowel issues (someone will be struggling), and trepidation.

But let’s enjoy it. This is football. Nobody really has a fucking clue. We’re back home for a full season at the Ricoh, with James Maddison ready to entertain us and the team about to embark upon a promotion-winning campaign*.

That last one’s got you worried hasn’t it? Have I run mad using the “p” word so brazenly?

Like I said, nobody really knows what’s going to happen until things settle down after a couple of months. But I’ll be buggered if I do anything other than commit to a mindset of success.

Believe it. It’s going to happen. Honest.

How are they getting on?

Relegated Wigan have provided the typical League One response to falling out of the Championship with wholesale changes to their squad.

The endless stream of exiting players has been stemmed quite substantially by 14 new faces. They haven’t a clue who eachother is and are probably still all too shy to take control of the dressing room iPod so this is the time to capitalise on a developing team dynamic – sooner or later this bunch of mostly-talented players is going to give League One a doing over. Let’s delay that for one week, if possible.

Form-wise however, they’ve tackled five fixtures during pre-season, winning one game against Southport, drawing two against Altrincham and Partick Thistle, and losing the last two against Dundee and Blackburn.

I’ve seen better.

Even if they do mess up today, you still have to fancy them to take control of things and force their way into the promotion shake up. But for now, let’s presume they’re human like the rest of League One and are not quite a team; they’re a bunch of players all attempting to find a level of cohesion.

Who could cause us trouble?

I’m giving them a little bit of grief, but actually when you take a look through their squad you can’t help but flinch. They’ve recruited very well this summer.

Will Grigg is clearly the star man with his ÂŁ1million price tag, but with players like Craig Davies, Grant Holt, Max Power and Michael Jacobs all available for selection as well, they’re not short on talent and individuals who are more than capable of causing us headaches.

Former Coventry loanee and winger wildman Sanmi Odelusi has also joined the club over the summer for a nominal fee. The laws of football suggest that he’s going to score against us, although the laws of logic hint towards multiple stepovers and him falling over the nearest leg (which is likely to be his own).

Sky Blues team news

This is always fun. “Go on, choose the most likely team, Neil”.

We’ve been here before and we all know what happens – you get a sense of what you think the side will be, then Aidy Boothroyd goes and selects Nathan Cameron and you’re left very confused.

I don’t think we’re likely to go for anything quite as radical this reason. When you assess the options available to use, much of the side actually picks itself.

New signings Ricketts, Vincelot, Lameiras and Armstrong all look nailed on to start, with Ricketts this week given the captain, vice-captain and milk monitor armbands respectively.

The newest aspects of the team come in attack as everything looks set for James Maddison to take to the pitch from the start. Now, there’s no hiding my fascination with young JM; especially with such a level of ingenuity unseen since Robbie Keane or Faysal El-Idrissi. Of course he’s only young, so he’s going to make some mistakes, but you have to allow for those given his capabilities on the ball. I’m very excited to see him prove himself.

As for the rest of the line-up, I reckon we’ll go for something like this. Give or take a Tudgay.

squad (1)

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Ah yes, more guesswork. Attempting to demonstrate football knowledge and insight by predicting how many times each team will get the ball into the opposition’s net.

I’m not confident we’re quite ready to win, especially against one of the league favourites, but by the same measure we’re up against a Wigan team that may take a while to adjust to each other. With the home atmosphere and general first-game-of-the-season vibe potentially assisting us, I reckon we can counteract any of the quality shown by them with a solid draw.

Here’s what the other Lamptey boys had to say about it:

Joey: Coventry 0 – 1 Wigan

Neil: Coventry 1 – 1 Wigan

Paul: Coventry 0 – 0 Wigan

So, what are you thinking? Share your prediction below:

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