This one’s a biggy, isn’t it? The Wandering Wolves welcome us to their neck of the woods and it’s about time we were playing them again. Mind you, I never thought our next meeting would be in League One, on account of our innate massiveness.

None of this is ideal. But we’re here now and at least we’re taking loads of people to give the game a stare. We’re selling out away games like nobody’s business this season, and if we’re not careful we could have another MK Dons on our hands. I’m excited.

There’s this understanding that our players choke in front of fans, mainly because of the times our club has done that over the years. But they’ve revelled in the big occasion too. We just forget. As humans we look for patterns in everything as a pattern is the key to understanding. But there really is no pattern, or distinct correlation for us to analyse – in reality there is no way of predicting how our unit is going to react to the myriad influences that could affect their performance.

Fingers crossed it’s a favourably, but that superstitious statement is about the best we can do. Wolves are good; we are good. Let battle between two good teams commence.

How are they getting on?

Loads better than they managed last season. Christ knows how they got themselves relegated a year after the Premiership. I mean, we were awful for years, and absolutely atrocious the year we went down – and even after all that we should have got out of it.

They were in a rut, they thought it would be sensible to hire Dean Saunders based on very little, and they paid for it. But there’s only so much lack of confidence can do to you. After a while you’d imagine quality would offset that to a salvageable degree, especially at a lower level when you’ll eventually start to win more regularly, and your confidence rises again.

They’re 3rd on 25 points, with a game in hand and are nicely positioned for a concerted go at this league. They’ve succumbed to just Walsall in their ten games so far, so if you’re into patterns, maybe you could connect the Midlands derby element there. If you like.

Who could cause us trouble?

Griffiths, Sako and Doyle – they’re the names that stick out. And not just because they’re top of the top scorers page, because they’re all decent players.

Griffiths had a season and a half (not literally) back on loan in the Scottish league last year, and hasn’t stopped his manic approach to goalscoring this term. He’s managed 7 goals so far and is proving a potent threat. He also hits things/people.

Doyle’s a funny one. He was good, really quite decent in the Premiership, with a cracking leap, deceptive turn of pace and brilliant anticipation. So on the face of it you’ve got to wonder what the hell he’s doing playing in this godforsaken league. But on the other hand, it took him ages to score last season, which loosely translates to suddenly being no good. I don’t subscribe, but it doesn’t take long for your stock to drop nowadays. Just ask Sylvain Ebanks-Blake.

Sky Blues team news

Christie’s still unavailable, and Billy Daniels has a belly that’s popping out a bit (hernia), so he needs an operation soon. I don’t imagine he’ll play too many minutes, but can be called upon if needed.

The second half last week displayed our defensive frailties to a far wider audience, but the first half showed our speed and the threat we pose to teams going forward. Pressley hasn’t panicked too much about the defence so far this season, and I don’t expect him to do too much about it if I’m honest. Phillips had a useful and impressive cameo, but Willis got the nod to start and you can expect that to be the case again.

So expect the same side, unless Pressley displays an inexplicable change in approach compared to the previous 11 games. I can’t see it.

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team at


The Nii’s predictions were mixed again in this week’s show. That’s mostly down to Wolves being quite handy opposition. For the purposes of the tape, after some thought and digestion of the atmosphere surrounding the game, I do think we will win. But the sensible Predictor in me has to play the odds.

Joey: Wolves 2 – 0 Coventry

Paul: Wolves 0 – 2 Coventry

Neil: Wolves 3 – 2 Coventry


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