The Football League blogging community is a thriving, collaborative effort, and as part of it I’m sometimes asked to write bits and pieces for other sites, which always makes for a nice change of scenery.

Below are some of the things I’ve written or contributed to. I’m far from prolific, but it’s nice to keep a list anyway.

Fancy some words?

If you need someone to conjure up an article that combines reasonably sensible thinking about football, with a somewhat jaunty approach to writing, do let me know.

Alternatively, if you just need someone to write something normal, I can probably manage that too.

Contact me by:

A few things I’ve done..


  1. having recently discovered this site, just wanted to say that in the dark and gloomy sky blue world we live in, this provides a little light and lightness. thank you.

    as for a new manager i would like one who brings optimisism and is able to communicate.

    reasons to be cheerful; steven jennings

  2. Thank you for this, you kind thing, Steve. As you’re no doubt aware, every day is a struggle.

    I think optimism from the new manager is key. There is no reason to be scared in this league.

    I’m with you on Jennings, too. The performance in the first half yesterday was masterful.

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