Having thought it over, I’ve decided that I’ll be going to the match on Saturday.

I love football, you see. Contrary to some of the mucky words I’ve used to describe them over the years, I’m fairly keen on Coventry City too. I’ve thought about the complexities and annoyances behind the scenes and whether it’s my ‘duty as a fan’ to get involved, but my mind keeps wandering back to the football. I still want to be inside the ground on matchday watching our own unique brand of the beautiful game, and Andy Thorn rouge-ing up right nice on the sidelines.

It’s all I ever go to football games for. I rarely have a pint, I’m not particularly interested in ‘banter’ with opposing fans, and you certainly won’t find me clapping the attendances or joining in with a Mexican wave. I’m a boring bastard and I’ll happily admit it. I sit there counting the minutes before David Bell gets a touch of the ball. It’s not exciting, but it’s what I do.

I fully respect everyone who chooses to protest though. The chants and banners during the games up to now haven’t really caught the imagination within the ground, so for those who do want to be even more visible and vocal in their opposition to SISU, that’s entirely fair, admirable and most certainly their perogative. I think the majority are behind the sentiment, regardless of how they choose to display it; whether that’s banners, avoiding games, protests outside, or words online.

As fans, we’re always going to disagree amongst ourselves about players, formations and certainly with the idea of what makes a ‘good’ fan. While half the stadium boos, the other half shake their head in disgust. Some think that constant encouragement is the way to get the best out of the team – others think that sort of culture contributes to low standards.

There are even people out there who still class tip-tap-tappy-niggly-kick midfielder Michael Doyle as a tough-tackler. But anyway, I digress. 

I think in the case of the boycott/protest, or whatever your perspective of what is happening on Saturday, I hope we’re at least able to remember one thing: We’re all Coventry City fans, and whether you’re inside or outside of the Ricoh come 3pm, or at home, everyone has the right to follow the team in the way that feels right to them and they’re comfortable with. There should be no guilt for turning up, nor any animosity towards those who have stayed away.

Interesting things are happening behind the scenes at the moment regardless of the protests, so I hope that everyone is able to get their point across in a civilised way and keep things focused on the main messages of the day. 

Anyway, those are some of my views. Good luck to those involved, hope it goes well, and that things change for the better soon. I think they will, (although ten days was a little naive, Richard). 

Save Our City

I’m sure everyone’s seen this already, but the Save Our City campaign is online in a few locations and I’d like to do my bit in promoting it, because I’m all kind like that:

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