Just a quick one. The notion of “Typical Coventry” was raised by Joey in this week’s Nii Lamptey Show. We use it all the time and regularly accept it as having a basis of truth.

That prompted me into the fairly futile exercise of listing as many items of “typical Coventry” behaviour as I could identify – if only to demonstrate how spurious a concept it really is.

Turns out though, the more I look at the list, the more it actually starts to make sense.


  1. Never win anything
  2. Never challenge to win anything
  3. Never finish in the top half
  4. Get your hopes up, only to bugger it all up
  5. Win consecutive games, only to lose consecutive games
  6. Play badly away from home
  7. Play badly at home
  8. Struggle in front of a big crowd
  9. Raise our game in front of a big crowd
  10. Score early then sit back
  11. Concede early then sit back
  12. Pass backwards too often
  13. Throw aimless balls forward too often
  14. Never score from a corner
  15. Always concede from a corner
  16. Sell our best players for sod all
  17. Score in the last minute only to concede immediately afterwards
  18. Give away sloppy penalties
  19. Capitulate in March
  20. Always turn up for the big games
  21. Never turn up for the big games
  22. Climb into the play-offs, only to go on a losing run
  23. Get to within a point of the play-offs, only to lose the next game
  24. Lose against a shit team, only to beat a good one the next week
  25. Beat top of the league, only to lose against a shit team the next week
  26. Go on extended losing runs
  27. Never “kick on”.


  1. Be the generous people guaranteed to end any opponent’s losing streak/goal drought/ (insert any statistic here) immediately.

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