Video updated 21.32 – 08/07/14

With the big march fast approaching, the lads at the Sky Blue Trust have gone into overdrive in their attempt to whip up fan interest and defiance in time for Saturday’s event.

As part of this, they’ve produced another terrifically dramatic video. It doesn’t quite reach the same uber-emphatic heights of last season’s, but it’s getting there. Imagine the opening credits of Game of Thrones and Mr Bean, and this is somewhere in the middle.

Either way – the message is solid. Consider this another massive bop on the nose, Joyston and Lucas.

We’re coming back home.




  1. This is just so much wishful thinking. It’s not enough to just want the club to come home. How does the Trust think it is going to happen? The Council won’t sell the ground to the club and the club won’t enter into another landlord/tenant relationship.
    I am quite happy for the club to be playing at Sixfields for the time being, because it puts pressure on the Council/ACL to negotiate, hopefully a sale to the club. I do not want my club playing back at the Ricoh as a tenant, because that will ensure the club’s long term decline.
    The Trust does not really have any answers to this conundrum and is just howling at the moon. Until the SBT has a clear plan out of this impasse, I will not be joining the march on Saturday.
    By the way Sixfields is 30.6 miles from Sixfields, not 34 miles or 35 miles as you persist in alleging. You accuse the club of lying, but isn’t this a lie?
    The SBT along with the Labour supporting Coventry Telegraph and the KCIC campaign only seem interested in attacking and undermining my football club. You are supposed to be a support group, when are you going to do what it says on the tin and support your club?
    Why don’t you hold a rally outside the Council House and demand the Council sells the football ground to the football club? For me this is the only scenario in which the club will be back playing in the city.
    You appear to celebrate the fact that SISU lost the Judicial Review, but that was the only way that my club could possibly be back playing at the Ricoh this August. Where is the logic in celebrating a Council win that only prolongs my club’s enforced exile in Northampton?

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