Some thoughts by friend of the blog Jim Lee about the abomination that is this proposed hijacking of the Ricoh Arena by Wasps. Time is of the essence if we want to influence those who have been voted in and entrusted with this decision.

It never stops, does it?

I won’t waste words in explaining why Wasps shouldn’t be relocating to Coventry. This has already been covered in far more eloquent words than I could ever muster; by Neil Allison, Sideways Sammy and Andy Turner respectively.

Read their articles before you proceed with mine. Then get mad.

“I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’”

– Howard Beale, Network (1976)

Ok, so let’s ignore the completely irrelevant context of that clip. And the fact that Howard Beale didn’t want you to write to your congressman.

Because I want you to write to your councillor.

The Coventry Telegraph report that, as early as next Tuesday, Coventry City Council will vote on whether to approve the £30m sale of 90% of the Ricoh Arena, to a rugby franchise with no ties to the area or local community.

The council have long preached that the Ricoh Arena is there for the benefit people of the city of Coventry. When they walk into that vote on Tuesday, it’s on your behalf that they’re voting.

We elected them to represent us. So let’s make sure they know, in no uncertain terms, how they should be representing us on this issue. By voting no to the sale of the Ricoh Arena to Wasps RFC – or any organisation related to them.

Here’s what to do, in four easy steps:

1. Visit this website:

2. Input your postcode, and a short list of your local councillors will be displayed

3. Click each name, and then click the link to view their “profile and contact details”

4. Note down their email addresses, and email each of them

Compose an email, either from your own words, or by writing something like the following:

Dear [Name of councillor],

As one of the constituents that you represent in the [Name of ward] ward, I am writing to voice my opposition to the proposed sale of the Ricoh Arena to Wasps RFC.

I fundamentally believe the sale is wrong for the city, and expect my councillors to represent this viewpoint in any upcoming vote.

I remain at your disposal if you would like me to outline my position any more clearly.

Kind regards,

[Your name and address]

And once you’re done, share this blog, so your friends and family can do the same.

Remember that feeling of positivity? How good it felt? It was just a few weeks back…

Wayward club comes to its senses, returns to its community, with which it has established a long and sustaining love. Big beardy Fisher left alone with his imaginary stadium. Music up with a swell; final commercial. And here are a few scenes from next week’s show.

… let’s just hope we don’t tune in to find the bloody rugby on.

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  1. Hoobloodyray. Be out side the Council House on Tuesday with the Get Cov Back to the Ricoh group and give those perverse and out of touch councillors bloody hell!

  2. What are those pinkos in the Sky Blue Trust doing about this betrayal. Well er . . . . absolutely nothing! Their response is to wait and see if there is any truth in the “rumours”, meanwhile to write/contact all the parties involved to ascertain if there is any truth in the rumours. I am afraid for the august body of the Sky Blue Trust, it is a case of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Awake, Awake, Awake, our beloved club is being attacked wake up before it is too late!

  3. Sisu have prevaricated and obfuscated since they acquired CCFC. Now along comes someone who wants to buy the stadium for a fair price and will benefit taxpayers and provide Coventry with Premiership rugby.Great for all parties and a triumph for free markets and capitalism
    Now Sisu time to unveil your new stadium in Kettering,Hinckley,Harlow New Town or wherever
    Sky Blues is nor has it been our club for 7 years but the toy of an American Estate Agent posing as Religious while screwing a childrens charity. It does not matter how much she bleats she ain’t no Mother Teresa.

    1. I believe the heart of a club remains in the culture and community that it represents, and I will never give up defending that. This isn’t about business, this is about preserving the sanctity of local sports and the identity that creates. Wasps belong in London, Coventry City belong in Coventry, at the Ricoh Arena, in the stadium that was built for it, and has its name emblazoned all over the fucking seats. This isn’t about Sisu. This is about us.

  4. Peter Chambers wants the triumph of free market economics. However ,when his beloved Sisu gets blown out of the water he is distraught.

  5. I am not a SISU lover, it is the Sky Blues that I love and you pinkos just prove my point, you are so bigoted that you can’t see the wood for the trees. I am not interested in a triumph for SISU or for the Council. I love my Sky Blues more than I love any political ideology, you pinkos love your pinko ideology first and last while our football club go down the plug hole.

  6. CCFC is in the hands of blackguards and money men (or women)
    It went to Northampton-was that not local enough for you? Never mind the Ricoh- Sisu will provide a new home As Mrs Florence said only recently the future and prosperity of the club is her only concern.
    So selling the Ricoh to Wasps is an opportunity to provide a ground to a homeless club who are prepared to pay a realistic price and want to come to Coventry.
    Incidentally they are Wasps RUFC and have not been London Wasps for at least 5 years.
    People who refer to them as London Wasps seem to be Sisu spinners. An amateurish bunch at the best of times

  7. London Wasps changed their name this summer when it dropped the prefix London. Clearly the move to Coventry has been on the cards for some time and your beloved pinko council has been plotting to betray our football club for reasons of political spite. If this goes ahead it will damage all parties; the Sky Blues, Cov RFC, London Wasps and Coventry City Council. This move would be sheer madness!
    London Wasps, sorry Coventry Wasps have a fan base of 5,000, if City only had 2,500 support 30 miles away in Northampton, what support will London Wasps have in an alien resentful city 100 miles away. The transferrable support for Wasp must surely be only in the hundreds and very few Coventry people will betray their local RUFC to support Wasps carpet baggers.
    Wasps would fold very quickly and the city would end up with an empty Ricoh and a real White Elephant on its hands.
    Joy Seppala has already stated that she does not intend to interfere with this move and is concentrating on building a new stadium for the Sky Blues. She clearly is not losing any sleep over this, so who will be the biggest losers.?

  8. pc Why do you think I am a pinko and Coventry City council represents me?
    You use a vocabulary of a Sisu mouthpiece in the guise of a ccfc friend.
    Pinko ?Usually you use socialist, Labour or red. Does the move to red mean a softening of your stance?
    I want there to be a Father Christmas and a tooth fairy but you got Mrs Florence and a grasping Estate Agent. Lets salute the new Sisu stadium’
    Show me a poor loser and I will show you a loser (Vince Lombardi).Get used to it you are a loser

  9. Let’s get 5000 people outside the Council House on Tuesday evening, bring the city centre to a halt and let our councillor a know how we feel. If this constitutes a public order offence so be it. The situation is desperate. This could be the last chance to save our club

  10. Sisu -What capacity stadium do you intend to house CCFC ? I think The Butts should be large enough the way you continue to run Sky Blues in the incompetent way you have done during your stewardship.
    Please go away and we can concentrate fully on watching our new favourites-Wasps

  11. “We are told that Arena Coventry Limited is a going concern, and as such we should not be doing to London Wasps the exact same thing that 7000+ people marched about only a few months ago. I realise there is no love lost between the owners of CCFC and the council, however please don’t make the fans of CCFC and Coventry Rugby collateral damage.

    I fundamentally believe the sale is wrong for the city, and expect my councilors to represent this viewpoint in any upcoming vote regardless of party line. Failure to do so will result in the cost of my vote at any future elections.”

    Email sent… felt good, probably achieves nothing… fucking politicians.

  12. I shouldn`t worry too much “Mr Chambers”.The owners of Wasps will also own Coventry City by Christmas .

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