Earlier this week host of the Nii Lamptey Show podcast Joey Crone met with surreptitious Sisu leader Joy Seppala at Sky Blue Lodge. He spent a good hour discussing the situation with her, as well as having an extended chat with Tim Fisher, and a lift back to the train station with Steve Waggott. Here’s a message from Joey regarding how things went:

By Joey Crone (@UWunderkind)


I wanted to write a quick piece giving an overview of the meeting I had with Joy Seppala and Tim Fisher this Monday gone. I’ll discuss it in more detail on this week’s Nii Lamptey Show podcast but thought I’d pre-empt it here.

First off you might be asking, ‘what was I doing there?’ Incidentally, that was the first question I asked them. Apparently Mrs Seppala had received a number of emails over the last few months that were overwhelmingly angry, which is understandable but that in the main were abusive and unconstructive.

I was informed that she had also received one in particular that exhibited similar levels of anger but was much more constructive and level headed i.e. didn’t include torrents of abuse/death threats/over use of caps lock, etc.

This chap suggested he would like to meet her to discuss the situation with the club and Mrs Seppala duly obliged. I was informed that while she was in the Coventry area(!) she thought it would be good to meet with other fans to discuss their concerns and get across their version of events. Someone at the club was aware of the podcast and suggested me as a season ticket holder who they believed posed no physical threat to the well-being of either Mrs Seppala or Mr Fisher and I was duly summoned.

The conversation I had with them was very much a scaled down version of Les Reid’s article the other day and I would suggest reading that article as it’s consistent with everything I was told.

I’m sure you will have some questions about the meeting and what was said and I’m happy to answer these if I can. I’ll be talking about the meeting on the Nii Lamptey Show podcast which will be recorded on Monday. You can email your questions to NiiLampteyShow@gmail.com, via Twitter on @NiiLampteyShow or drop them in the comments below.

For those of you not familiar with the show, it’s a free podcast all about Coventry City. We typically focus on events on the pitch and provide a mixture of match reports and previews that are light hearted but passionate. You can download it via iTunes or stream it from www.skybluesblog.co.uk




  1. Did you discuss the implications of Financial Fair Play given that we have crowds of just 2000 and no sponsors other than SISU ?

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