That’s right. The time has come to quell my narcissistic urges and open up my house to strangers.

Are you a Cov fan who can fashion a jaunty sentence or two? Are you perceptive and capable of analysing situations without getting into trouble with the law? Would you like a more public outlet for your Sky Blue-related wit?

If so, I might have just the gig for you.

Presuming we still have a club next season, I’m basically looking for a few comrades who I can call upon each month to contribute an alternative view of things, setting up some additional columns to supplement the regular rambling that I do. In essence you would have your own outlet on here; a monthly segment where you could put the world to rights, all through the comfort of my humble, but wonderfully furnished blog.

At this point I should make it explicit that I can’t pay you. I don’t make any money from a Coventry City blog – it’s just a hobby of mine. But if your hobby also involves not making money out of writing, and you sometimes just get the urge to do it, then I’d love to hear from you. This is much more about collaboration and bringing the most entertaining writers together. There’s a place for the serious stuff, but at the same time we also need to be able to take the piss out of how serious we all take things.

Oh and laughing at Noel Whelan applying for the CCFC job all the time. There’s always room for that here too.

You may have guessed that I’m after a certain kind of writer. I don’t necessarily want wannabe sports journos, but if you can spell and know how to assemble your thoughts in an engaging and amusing manner – that’s the kind of thing that’ll sit neatly within this blog.

So, if you’re interested in getting involved, please fill out the form below with your details, followed by a few words explaining what you would do if you were in charge of Coventry City for a week (just to give me a little taster of you and your writing style).

Expressions of interest by Friday 12 July, if you could. This could fall flat on its arse, but it’s worth a go…

Adequate regards,

So, you fancy your own column on Sky Blues Blog?

Well it’s too late now, I’m afraid. Entries closed on 12 July. Keep your eyes peeled for the new breed of Sky Blue Bloggers from the start of next season.

Oh and thanks for your interest. What an angel.